Beware of Humans…..They’re Sneaky!

One of you humans out there must have told Mom that we were bragging about being able to fool her.

Why would you rat on us?  We’re so cute!

Well, all I’ve got to say is that none of you humans better ever believe Mom if she tries to tell you she’s not smart.

That’s for sure!

We both got to go outside tonight and thankfully some of you humans must have closed your refrigerator doors ‘cuz it wasn’t as cold as last night.  I saw the perfect chance to go exploring further when Mom left the gate open while she got that wet-making thing for the plants.  I calmly walked out the gate, but Mom spotted me right away.  I thought about running but decided that wouldn’t be smart.  Mom picked me up and I figured my time outside was over.  I was really surprised when she said I could stay out a little longer.

I’m never bad like Hemingway is!

Oh yes you are!  You just don’t always get caught.

I know.  That’s ‘cuz I’m sneaky.

But not sneaky enough to fool Mom ‘cuz you didn’t stay out very long tonight, either.

It’s that stupid tin container that Mom keeps our food in.  When she rattles that I get so excited that I just come running in the door and then it’s too late.

That’s how she got me in tonight, too!

See……human Moms can really be sneaky when they want their way!

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