Serious Kitty Thoughts

Mom said I have a big heart.

Everything about you is big!

Shakespeare, be nice.  I’m trying to have a serious kitty discussion and you shouldn’t make fun of me.

Sorry.  I guess I just get ornery at times.  It’s the orange in my fur.  Why did Mom say you have a big heart and is it something serious?  Should I be worried?

That’s what I was wondering so I tried to look some information up on the internet.  You know, I still don’t understand this language that humans use.  Some of it makes sense, but some of it is just beyond my kitty brain.  It’s just not always logical.

You can say that again!  For instance, what do they mean when they say it’s raining cats and dogs?  I’ve never in my life seen that!

Whatever……….  Anyway, I think when Mom said that I have a big heart, she was paying me a compliment.  It seems when you say someone has a big heart, it means they care about people and animals.

Oh, now I understand!  Mom really was paying you a compliment.  I’ve seen how you try to take care of old Ebony.  She’s a very old lady dog now and has lots of aches and pains.  You always go lie beside her to help keep her warm.

Well, I feel sorry for her.  When Mom’s sick I stay close to her and try to make her feel better, too.

You really are a cat with a big heart.  Maybe some day my heart will grow bigger, too.  I care for people and animals but I don’t always show it like you do.

Hey……..that’s just like humans!  Some care quietly and others care through actions.  Did they learn that from us?

I don’t know.  Can I go back to being ornery again?