Shakespeare, you are a big tattletale!

I did it for your own good.

You got me into trouble with Mom.

I was afraid you were going to get hurt.

Let me tell the humans what happened.

Go ahead…….and then I’ll tell them the truth!

Mom let us outside to play and we were having a good time.  It was a little windy and kind of cool, but there was lots to see.  I wanted to check on our catnip ‘cuz we hadn’t had rain for a long time and I was worried about it.  So, I discovered that I could push the gate open just enough so I could get to the other side.  I was just over there checking on the catnip.

You didn’t belong on the other side of the gate.  It’s dangerous out there!

Anyway, I was just walking around and old tattletale sits on the deck making his most pitiful meows.

I wanted to get Mom’s attention so I meowed and looked at the gate.  Mom caught on pretty quick, but she still thought you were out in the yard.

I heard her walking around out there calling my name so I figured I should get back inside the gate real quick.  Only problem is that she caught me coming back into the yard.  Busted!!!

She wasn’t very happy with you.

I know.  I had to go back inside the house and you got to stay outside.

Mom even told me I was a good kitty for telling on you and I got an extra treat.

But I just wanted to check on the catnip!!!!

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