Seasons and Other Things

Mom was talking to us about the seasons the other day.

She said the season now is fall.

I think humans call it that because the leaves fall down and the temperature falls down.

You’re really smart, Hemingway.

I know.  That’s because while you’re taking a nap, I’m looking up things on the internet so I can talk to humans and make sense of what they’re saying.

Mom said she likes fall because before the leaves fall down to the ground, they turn all sorts of pretty colors.

Don’t you remember last year when that happened?

No.  I was still too little and I was more interested in playing than in looking outside.

Mom also told me that in other years she’s taken road trips out into the country to take pictures.

That sounds like fun!

I’m sure it is.  However, I got a little confused ‘cuz she said she liked to find places along dirt roads where there are “cat tails” so she can take pictures.  I was afraid that she wasn’t telling us something.  Like maybe when we get really old our tails might fall off and somehow end up in ditches along some dirty, dusty road.

Oh no!!!!!  That sounds gruesome.  And why would Mom want pictures of that???

That’s what I thought so while she was at work today I looked it up on the internet.  We don’t have to worry about losing our tails ‘cuz Mom is actually talking about cattails and that’s a plant.  I even found a picture.

I’m so glad you straightened that out for me.  I may tattle on you and bug you, but I do love you and it’s really neat that you are teaching me things. 

I’m glad I can help.

My tail is way too beautiful to be sitting in a ditch by some gravel road.  Why on earth do humans put such strange names on things?

We have "cat tails" but these are cattails. There's a BIG difference.

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