Still Learning About Fall

I was so confused when I went outside tonight.


What were all those things on the deck?

Those were leaves.

Aren’t they supposed to be on the trees?

Remember… the fall the leaves “fall” off the trees.  Didn’t you hear the wind blowing real hard today?  I think the wind knocked down all sorts of leaves.

Why doesn’t the wind knock down leaves in the summer?

It does, but just not as much.  The leaves are glued on stronger in the spring and summer but by the time fall comes, that glue is old and worthless and then the leaves fall.

I didn’t want to step on the leaves  ‘cuz some of them were kind of crunchy and made a funny noise.

You’ll get used to it.  Have you noticed that the big light in the sky seems to be shining less?

Are the batteries running out?

No, in the fall and winter the days get shorter ‘cuz the sun doesn’t shine for as many hours here.


It’s all part of the seasons and it’s too complicated to explain to you right now.  I think the easiest way to explain it is this:  humans around here don’t like to be able to see how miserable and cold winter is so if the sun shines fewer hours, then they don’t have to look at the snow and ice as much.  It’s harder to see at night and then the humans are happier.

You’re so smart!!!

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