Confused Again

Remember a few weeks back when we got confused?

Aren’t we always getting confused?

Maybe you…..but I am on top of things!

You sure are….on top of the desk, on top of the computer shelf, on top of the couch….

Enough already!

So, go ahead and tell the humans why we’re confused now.

Well, a few weeks back it got really cold (at least to us) and we were wondering if a bunch of humans left their refrigerator doors open.

I remember that!

Now we’re thinking that maybe a bunch of humans turned their ovens on and left the oven doors open ‘cuz it’s really warm outside.

I like it when it’s warm!

So do I and I know Mom does too.  However, she said it’s not normal for it to be this warm.  Usually there’s what she calls frost, about now.

What’s that?

I’m not real sure.  I know there’s frosting on cake so maybe it just means that there are lots of cakes outside or something.

YUM!!!  That sounds wonderful to me!!!

Well of course it does.  Any food sounds wonderful to you!

So?  I’m just a growing kitty.

Anyway, we came up with a great idea!  Mom hates the cold winters.  So, if all the humans will turn on their ovens and open the doors, maybe we can keep it warm outside and we won’t have all that snow and ice.

Sounds like a great plan to me.

Besides, we like to play outside and I don’t think we’re going to like snow and ice!  Are you humans ready to help?