More Thoughts About Fall….

I think the humans got too hot and they turned on all of their fans on high-speed and opened the windows.

Is that why it’s so windy outside today?

I think so.

I didn’t like the wind ‘cuz it messed up the fur on my tail.  You know I don’t like a messy tail.

Wasn’t it fun chasing all the leaves, though?  I was running all over the yard chasing those leaves.

The glue that held those leaves on all summer must have really dried up ‘cuz there’s a gazillion leaves on the ground.

You don’t even know what a gazillion is.

I heard a human use it once and I think it means lots and lots and lots.

Did you see Mom trying to get some of those leaves into those big brown bags?

Why can’t we have a big brown bag to play in?

I thought about jumping into one of the bags with the leaves but I didn’t think Mom wanted me doing that.

Why was she picking up the leaves anyway?

I think she was trying to help Ebony.  Did you notice that the steps off the deck were completely covered in leaves?  Ebony wouldn’t have known where to walk and she’s old and has enough trouble as it is.  I try to help her when I can.

It’s really hard to stay on the ground when the wind is blowing so hard.  It’s a good thing you and I are really big cats!  If we didn’t weigh this much maybe we would be flying through the air like those birds.

That would be fun, but I think landing would hurt.  If this wind keeps up, maybe we should go inside and eat so we don’t get too light.

Race you!