Mom got her hair cut the other day.

It’s really short now.  In fact it’s almost as short as our hair.

Sometimes I try grooming her hair when she’s trying to sleep.

Does she like that?

Not really, but I’m just trying to help.  I figure if I groom her hair during the night then she won’t have to get up as early in the morning ‘cuz it won’t take her as long to get ready for work.

You’re older than me.  Have you ever had to have your hair cut?


I wonder if kitties ever do have to get haircuts.

I’m not going to let anyone cut my hair.  It’s shiny and black and then I have those really white patches that stand out so beautifully.  It’s too pretty to cut.

Well, nobody’s going to cut my hair.  I have an orange masterpiece on my body and of course my tail is the envy of absolutely everyone.

You are so hung up on that tail of yours.

It’s special.

I heard some dogs have to get haircuts all the time.

See, that just proves it.  We kitties are superior ‘cuz we don’t need all that extra stuff done to us.  We’re beautiful just like we are.