Hemingway, you’ve been awfully quiet this week.

So have you.

Well, I’ve been concerned about you. 

That’s nice, thanks!

What happened to you Monday night?  I saw Mom go out of the house with you and then you both got in her car and left.

Mom took me to the doctor’s house.

Did you have to get a shot?  Last time I went there I had to get a shot but I was real good and didn’t squirm or meow.

No, I didn’t get a shot.

So why did Mom take you there?  Did you just want to meet the doctor man?

Not really!  Mom took me there ‘cuz she found a lump on my shoulder and she was concerned.

Mom really takes good care of us.

She sure does, but I was kind of scared ‘cuz it was raining outside and I got wet and that made me mad.

We never go out in the rain so it must have been serious.

Mom was worried so she wanted the doctor man to see what it was.  Turns out it was a tick.

What’s a tick?

It’s an ugly little bug that attaches itself to fur people and humans.  Mom hates them and now I do, too.  I probably got it when I was crawling under the deck one time.  Anyway, the doctor man got it off of me and told Mom that I was going to be fine.

That’s a relief!

The doctor man said that we kitties don’t usually get ticks ‘cuz we do so much grooming.  However, this stupid little tick attached himself on my shoulder and I couldn’t reach him.

Hey……we better start checking each other for ticks.  That way we won’t have to worry Mom about us.

Good idea.  She has enough things to worry about.  Did you notice all those leaves on the ground outside?  That’s why she was outside so long last night.  She was trying to get those leaves into bags.

I like playing in bags but not if there are leaves in them.

I’m only going to go outside if there are no ticks!!!

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