Mom’s Mad

Better stay away from Mom today.

Don’t worry.  I’m keeping my distance.

I just wanted to see what was on the other side of the gate so I managed to squeeze through but Mom was out there instantly.

I was hiding when she came out ‘cuz I knew she wasn’t going to be happy with you.

She picked me up and brought me inside and shut the door.  She told me I had lost my “outdoor privileges”.

What’s a privilege?

I’m not sure but it must have something to do with outside and now I’m stuck on the inside.

I knew Mom wasn’t having a good day ‘cuz I heard her grumbling at the trees and leaves.

She’s been doing lots of raking lately.

She really hates those stupid big paper bags she has to use for the leaves.  I hear her complaining about those lots!!!

She’s even been yelling at the trees ‘cuz when they let go of their leaves they’re too stupid to make the leaves fall into the bag so she doesn’t have to rake them.

She doesn’t really think trees would do that, does she?

She’s a human.  Who knows what she thinks.

Well, I’m going to just be my adorable self so she doesn’t get mad at me.

I’m just going to sit here and hope I get my privileges back…….whatever they are!

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