Fur, Feathers and Frost

Are feathers warmer than fur?


Well, Mom said it’s getting colder outside and I wonder if our fur is enough to keep us warm.

So what made you think about feathers?

I see birds flying around out there and they don’t have fur.  They only have feathers.


If we asked Mom to make us some coats of feathers then we could play outside longer when it gets colder.

What makes you think that?

You’re not listening to me.  I told you that the birds are out there even when it’s really cold.  I’ve seen them.  If they can stay warm with only feathers and we can’t stay warm with just fur, then if we had feather coats we would be warm.

You’re not getting enough exercise, are you?


You keep coming up with silly ideas.

I don’t think it’s silly.  I’m going to see if Mom wants to market my idea.  We’ll become rich and famous and I’ll have my picture taken wearing my feather coat.

Mom has her hands full with you!

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