Hemingway, what are you doing?

I’m exploring.

You’re going to get in trouble.

No I won’t.  Nobody knows I’m here.

Mom was explaining one of those human phrases to me the other day and it fits this situation.

What are you talking about?

Remember hearing humans say, “Curiosity killed the cat.”?

Yes, and I don’t like that phrase.

Neither do I but now I understand it much better.

What happened?

The other night Uncle Bob was looking at the ice maker in the freezer.  He had his head in there so I figured I would try to help.

Oh, I’m sure he loved that!

He didn’t know I was even there.  I was looking in down at the very bottom of the freezer.  I thought Mom might have hidden some treats in there.

Did you find any?

No, I didn’t have time to search thoroughly ‘cuz suddenly he shut the door.

Did he see you first?

No, he didn’t see me and he shut the door on my head.  It really scared me and I started to panic.

Was Mom there?

Yes, and she was trying to get me to calm me down but I was too scared so I just ran away.

You should have let Mom pick you up and take care of you.

I know, but my head hurt and I didn’t want it to happen again so I just ran as fast as I could and hid.  I could hear Mom calling for me but I wanted to be alone.  Finally, when Mom was in her room I came out from under the bed and she started talking to me and petting me.  She checked my head and asked me if I had any owies.  She was really concerned and I hated to scare her like that.

So…………..what’s the purpose of this tale?

I didn’t get my tail shut in the door……….oh, you meant the other kind of tale, hahahahaha.


Well, I was curious about what was in the freezer and as a result I almost got my head smashed really hard.  So now I know what humans mean when they say, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Are you going to stop being curious?

Probably not….it’s in my nature.  But I’m going to try to be more careful.  That’s why I was trying to warn you to be careful when you go exploring.

Ok, thanks for the warning.  You’re a pretty good little brother after all.

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