Where Are the Leaves???

I’m so happy that Mom has been raking leaves.

I bet she’s not happy.

Well, she should be.  She’s getting exercise and fresh air.

Somehow I still don’t think that makes her happy to be raking leaves.  Why do you feel that way?

Think about it.  Mom’s been home the last three weekends and she’s been raking.


So, she’s been home with us and that always makes her happy. Besides, when she’s out raking leaves we get to be outside watching.

That’s true.  She always lets us go outside when she’s out there working.

Yes.  We’ve had lots of play time outside lately and it’s been really nice.

Still, I think Mom gets tired doing all that raking.

Maybe, but she’s still getting fresh air and sunshine………that is when it isn’t cloudy.

You might be right.  Besides, the fact that she’s spending her weekends at home with us is always good ‘cuz then we get brushed and petted and we get treats more often.

I have an idea.  Let’s ask the humans to bring their leaves over to Mom’s yard so she can rake them.  That way she’ll get even more exercise and fresh air, we’ll get to spend more time outside, and she’ll be spending more time at home with us.

I get the feeling Mom’s not going to think that’s such a great idea………..

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