Thanks for Treats Day

I sure wish Mom would get that old puter fixed.

Yes.  It’s hard to sneak out of the house and go to the library just so we can talk to the humans and fur people of the world.

Shhhhhhhhhh!  Don’t walk so heavy.  We don’t want the library lady to kick us out for being too loud.

Just pay attention to your work.  We need to explain to the humans what Thanksgiving really is.

Do you know?

I looked at some of the books in this library so I have an idea…..sort of.

So do I.  Let me tell my version first.  A long, long time ago humans got together and decided to have a party.  What good is a party without food?  Certainly isn’t a party that would interest me.

Get on with it.

So, the humans fixed all sorts of good food and then called all the fur people to come and enjoy the wonderful treats with them.  They had big long tables loaded with food and after the humans got their plates full, they piled food onto more plates for the fur people.  They put big bowls of water out and told the fur people how thankful they were that humans and fur people had each other. 

That’s not exactly what happened but I must admit I kind of like your version.

Anyway, I’m worried about our Thanksgiving.


Didn’t you hear Mom say that she’s going to another house for Thanksgiving?


That means she won’t be fixing lots of food at our house.  What’s going to happen to us?  We won’t get anything to eat and we’ll starve.

You know Mom will make sure we all have plenty of food.  She takes very good care of us.

I guess you’re right.  What does turkey taste like anyway?  Would I like it?

We’ve had turkey flavored treats before and they are mighty good.  I bet you would love to have a turkey sandwich ‘cuz it would have your very favorite thing……bread!

Mom said we’re supposed to sit down and think about all the things were thankful for.  Do you have your list ready?

I’m working on it but it’s so hard without the computer.

Let’s say a big thanks for “computer fixers” and pray that they can get Mom’s fixed so we don’t have to go outside in the cold.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the humans and fur people from Hemingway and Shakespeare!

Who Did It?

You did it, didn’t you?

Did what?

You broke the computer.  You probably jumped on it with your big old feet.

I did not.  Maybe you broke it with that big old tail of yours.

Mom’s not going to be happy if the computer is broken.

Maybe she won’t notice.

Well, here we are at the library trying to talk to the humans and fur people.  I think Mom will notice that we’re not at home and even if she doesn’t someone’s going to tell on us.

How did you figure out to go to the library anyway?

I heard humans talking about it and they said there were computers here.  Also, Mom was reading about a cat in Iowa who lived in a library and I wanted to see what it was like.

What’s Iowa?

It must be a place on earth somewhere.  I don’t think it’s in our back yard.

I sure hope Mom notices that the computer is broken and fixes it soon.  I miss chatting with everyone.

I do too.  Besides, if we don’t keep talking to the humans and fur people out there, they may forget about us and we won’t get toys and treats from them for Christmas. Do you think they might send us toys and treats for Thanksgiving, too?

Well, you’ve put the thought in their heads now so maybe they will.  We better get going so we get home before Mom does.  I sure hope Ebony the dog remembers how to open the door for us.  She’s getting so old that she forgets things.

But she’s just like me………she NEVER forgets to eat!


Why are humans so fascinated with numbers?

I think it’s something to keep their brains active.

I heard that today is supposed to be special ‘cuz it’s all elevens.

We put our little kitty brains together and came up with how we should celebrate today:

Eleven treats at a time

Eleven naps in the sunshine

Eleven extra brushings

Eleven times running around the house chasing each other

Eleven extra ounces of food in our dish

Eleven times outside

Eleven new toys

Eleven new plants in the house for us to investigate

Eleven more treats

That’s our list and we’re hoping we can check off everything by midnight!

What’s Happening?

I’m so confused.

Nothing new about that, but what’s the problem now?

Have you noticed how dark it is when Mom gets home from work now?

Yes.  It used to be that the big light in the sky would be shining and it would look so pretty outside and we could go out and play.

Now it’s dark and I think the humans are leaving their refrigerator doors open again ‘cuz it’s cold outside and Mom isn’t too anxious to let us go out there.

I wonder why that big light doesn’t shine as much?  Is Mom really getting home that much later?  Have you looked at that thing on the wall with all the numbers and the fun little things that go around in circles?  That’s what humans call a clock and that’s how you can tell when Mom should be home.

I don’t have time to look at something like that.  I just want answers NOW.  Did the humans forget to pay the “big light bill”?  I’ve heard that if humans forget to pay their bills then things don’t work.

I don’t know for sure.  Mom keeps telling us we can’t go outside when that big light isn’t shining and it’s dark so maybe we’ll never get to go out again!

Why doesn’t Mom come home earlier when the big light is shining?

We should talk to her about that.  She could spend all afternoon playing outside with us!


Mom says we get to celebrate.

Is there food involved?

I don’t know, but we can probably convince Mom that food SHOULD be involved!

What are we celebrating?

Mom said we now have over 1000 hits.

That doesn’t sound very good.  What did we do wrong to get so many hits?  I don’t like hitting.

No, silly!  She’s talking about this thing called a blog where we talk to the humans.

Like now?

Yes.  Since we started talking to the humans there have been over 1000 times that some human or fur person has looked at our site.

That’s really cool.  We’re “thousandaires” now and I think that calls for a treat!

While Shakespeare’s busy eating, I just want to thank all you humans and fur people for reading about us.  We enjoy sharing our kitty lives with all of you.

We Had to Do It…………

We just absolutely had to run outside when Mom came home tonight.  We’ve been stuck inside way too long.

Mom said we might as well get it out of our systems ‘cuz it’s supposed to get “real cold” tonight.  She said there was supposed to be a hard freeze.

What’s that?

I think everything outside will look like the stuff on the really cold side of that big box in the kitchen that holds human food.

Oh, that’s the side where I accidentally got my head banged.  That made me not like cold!

Wasn’t it fun outside…… least for the first five minutes?

It sure was.  The sun was shining and there were all sorts of pretty orange, yellow and red colors around.  I was so happy.

Then Mom had to bring out that really noisy machine.

What was she doing with that, anyway?

I think she was sucking up leaves on the deck and sidewalk.

What’s wrong with her?  Doesn’t she know she gets more exercise if she just uses the rake?

I tried to tell her but that machine was making so much noise that I went and hid.

Did you notice what she did next?

Yes, she went inside and then turned on that other noisy machine in the house.  So first she had to be noisy outside and then she went inside and was noisy again!

What’s gotten into her?  I thought cold weather made her want to sit by the fire and read books.  What’s with all this working stuff?

I don’t know but I sure hope she gets back into her old routine soon.  I don’t like all this noise and activity.

Hey…..are you going to stay up and watch it get really cold outside?

I don’t think so.  After my treats I think I’m going to curl up in the blanket and sleep.  That’s what humans and fur people are supposed to do when it’s cold.

I Made Mom Smile…

I did something really special today.


Well, I figured Mom had a hard day at work and she was a little late getting home so I was getting worried.

I think I was sleeping.

That’s why I had to do something special.  I got up in the bay window out front and started looking for her.

Did you have to wait long?

No, not too long.  Soon I saw the headlights of her car pulling into the driveway.  I sat up nice and tall and showed off my black and white chest.

I would have shown off my fluffy tail.

Yes, but you were sleeping.  Mom looked over at the window and saw me sitting there so tall and proud and she smiled.  She even laughed!  I saw her!!!

That’s really neat.  That explains why we got some extra treats tonight.  Maybe tomorrow night we should both sit in the window!