I Made Mom Smile…

I did something really special today.


Well, I figured Mom had a hard day at work and she was a little late getting home so I was getting worried.

I think I was sleeping.

That’s why I had to do something special.  I got up in the bay window out front and started looking for her.

Did you have to wait long?

No, not too long.  Soon I saw the headlights of her car pulling into the driveway.  I sat up nice and tall and showed off my black and white chest.

I would have shown off my fluffy tail.

Yes, but you were sleeping.  Mom looked over at the window and saw me sitting there so tall and proud and she smiled.  She even laughed!  I saw her!!!

That’s really neat.  That explains why we got some extra treats tonight.  Maybe tomorrow night we should both sit in the window!