We Had to Do It…………

We just absolutely had to run outside when Mom came home tonight.  We’ve been stuck inside way too long.

Mom said we might as well get it out of our systems ‘cuz it’s supposed to get “real cold” tonight.  She said there was supposed to be a hard freeze.

What’s that?

I think everything outside will look like the stuff on the really cold side of that big box in the kitchen that holds human food.

Oh, that’s the side where I accidentally got my head banged.  That made me not like cold!

Wasn’t it fun outside……..at least for the first five minutes?

It sure was.  The sun was shining and there were all sorts of pretty orange, yellow and red colors around.  I was so happy.

Then Mom had to bring out that really noisy machine.

What was she doing with that, anyway?

I think she was sucking up leaves on the deck and sidewalk.

What’s wrong with her?  Doesn’t she know she gets more exercise if she just uses the rake?

I tried to tell her but that machine was making so much noise that I went and hid.

Did you notice what she did next?

Yes, she went inside and then turned on that other noisy machine in the house.  So first she had to be noisy outside and then she went inside and was noisy again!

What’s gotten into her?  I thought cold weather made her want to sit by the fire and read books.  What’s with all this working stuff?

I don’t know but I sure hope she gets back into her old routine soon.  I don’t like all this noise and activity.

Hey…..are you going to stay up and watch it get really cold outside?

I don’t think so.  After my treats I think I’m going to curl up in the blanket and sleep.  That’s what humans and fur people are supposed to do when it’s cold.

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