Why are humans so fascinated with numbers?

I think it’s something to keep their brains active.

I heard that today is supposed to be special ‘cuz it’s all elevens.

We put our little kitty brains together and came up with how we should celebrate today:

Eleven treats at a time

Eleven naps in the sunshine

Eleven extra brushings

Eleven times running around the house chasing each other

Eleven extra ounces of food in our dish

Eleven times outside

Eleven new toys

Eleven new plants in the house for us to investigate

Eleven more treats

That’s our list and we’re hoping we can check off everything by midnight!

4 thoughts on “11-11-11

    1. Thanks Nika and Magda. We just say what we see and feel. Sometimes we don’t understand the human world, but we know humans don’t always understand the fur people world so it all balances out just fine. By the way, we got to play outside for a really long time this weekend ‘cuz Mom was doing that raking thing again. She keeps telling us she’s never doing it again, but she keeps going out there. We’re happy she does ‘cuz then we get to go out and play. Have you ever rolled in leaves? It’s great!! Of course then Mom has to brush us afterwards but we like that, too!

  1. Eleven scratches under my neck & behind my ears which will produce eleven lovely purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs . . . .

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