Who Did It?

You did it, didn’t you?

Did what?

You broke the computer.  You probably jumped on it with your big old feet.

I did not.  Maybe you broke it with that big old tail of yours.

Mom’s not going to be happy if the computer is broken.

Maybe she won’t notice.

Well, here we are at the library trying to talk to the humans and fur people.  I think Mom will notice that we’re not at home and even if she doesn’t someone’s going to tell on us.

How did you figure out to go to the library anyway?

I heard humans talking about it and they said there were computers here.  Also, Mom was reading about a cat in Iowa who lived in a library and I wanted to see what it was like.

What’s Iowa?

It must be a place on earth somewhere.  I don’t think it’s in our back yard.

I sure hope Mom notices that the computer is broken and fixes it soon.  I miss chatting with everyone.

I do too.  Besides, if we don’t keep talking to the humans and fur people out there, they may forget about us and we won’t get toys and treats from them for Christmas. Do you think they might send us toys and treats for Thanksgiving, too?

Well, you’ve put the thought in their heads now so maybe they will.  We better get going so we get home before Mom does.  I sure hope Ebony the dog remembers how to open the door for us.  She’s getting so old that she forgets things.

But she’s just like me………she NEVER forgets to eat!

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