Thanks for Treats Day

I sure wish Mom would get that old puter fixed.

Yes.  It’s hard to sneak out of the house and go to the library just so we can talk to the humans and fur people of the world.

Shhhhhhhhhh!  Don’t walk so heavy.  We don’t want the library lady to kick us out for being too loud.

Just pay attention to your work.  We need to explain to the humans what Thanksgiving really is.

Do you know?

I looked at some of the books in this library so I have an idea…..sort of.

So do I.  Let me tell my version first.  A long, long time ago humans got together and decided to have a party.  What good is a party without food?  Certainly isn’t a party that would interest me.

Get on with it.

So, the humans fixed all sorts of good food and then called all the fur people to come and enjoy the wonderful treats with them.  They had big long tables loaded with food and after the humans got their plates full, they piled food onto more plates for the fur people.  They put big bowls of water out and told the fur people how thankful they were that humans and fur people had each other. 

That’s not exactly what happened but I must admit I kind of like your version.

Anyway, I’m worried about our Thanksgiving.


Didn’t you hear Mom say that she’s going to another house for Thanksgiving?


That means she won’t be fixing lots of food at our house.  What’s going to happen to us?  We won’t get anything to eat and we’ll starve.

You know Mom will make sure we all have plenty of food.  She takes very good care of us.

I guess you’re right.  What does turkey taste like anyway?  Would I like it?

We’ve had turkey flavored treats before and they are mighty good.  I bet you would love to have a turkey sandwich ‘cuz it would have your very favorite thing……bread!

Mom said we’re supposed to sit down and think about all the things were thankful for.  Do you have your list ready?

I’m working on it but it’s so hard without the computer.

Let’s say a big thanks for “computer fixers” and pray that they can get Mom’s fixed so we don’t have to go outside in the cold.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the humans and fur people from Hemingway and Shakespeare!

2 thoughts on “Thanks for Treats Day

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Hemingway and Shakespeare. Please give your Mom extra hugs from us.
    We hope you will get your turkey treats.
    Good luck making your thankful list

    Nika and Magda

    1. Hey Nika and Magda,
      We’ve been very good kitties and we DID get turkey treats for Thanksgiving. Now we’re starting to think about Christmas. Of course Hemingway is busy thinking about his birthday.

      Hemingway and Shakespeare

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