Happy New Year!

This is a special posting for us.

It sure is and we’re going to PARTY!!!

Mom says this is our 100th post since we first started chatting with the humans and fur people out there in computer land.

We’re chatty kitties!

It’s also the end of 2011 and tomorrow is 2012.  By the way, Shakespeare……what are you doing????

I’m going to sit here at the monitor and see if confetti starts pouring out in celebration of our 100th post.  Or maybe cat food and treats will start pouring out.

Are you going to sit there until midnight and see what happens when the New Year starts?

Maybe.  If I don’t get tired or hungry.  Maybe some of our computer humans and fur people will be up and they’ll talk to me.  Don’t you want to join me?

I don’t think I’m going to bother staying up until midnight.

Why not?

Well, Mom probably won’t last that long and curling up on the bed sounds neater than sitting in front of the monitor.

I’ll tell you all about the festivities in the morning.  Just make sure Mom puts some food by the monitor so I don’t get hungry.

Happy New Year to all of our computer humans and fur people.  We hope 2012 is very kind to all of you!!!

A “Really Lot”

Can I borrow your toes and fingers?

Mmmfft….mmmmmmm….y..a..w..n………..     What????

Can I borrow your toes and fingers?

You woke me up to ask a silly question like that?  Why do you need my toes and fingers?

Mom said that we have almost 100 posts on our blog and I was just trying to figure out how many that really is.  I ran out of toes and fingers so I need more.

I don’t think you’ll have enough even if you use my toes and fingers and Mom’s toes and fingers.

Wow!!!!  That’s a really lot then.

Yes, it’s a “really lot”.

I guess we’ve had all sorts of things to talk about in 2011.

Now we’re going to have to come up with some new things for 2012.

Why?  What’s happening?

Tomorrow is December 31st and that’s the last day of 2011.  The next year is going to be 2012.

That means my second birthday is in 2012.  I really like that year!!!

Fine.  Now let me go back to sleep.

The Party’s Over

How come nobody ever told me how tiring birthdays can be?  This is pretty much what I’ve looked like since I turned two!

Don’t believe him!  He still chases me when Mom isn’t looking.  I thought all the people and noise on Christmas Eve was a bit too much so I stayed away, but Mom showed me pictures of what Hemingway was doing.  He really knows how to party!

I had so much fun!  They had lots and lots of paper for me to play with, on, in, over and under!   Mom took a picture of me in the middle of it all when I was looking for my new toy.

I wonder if Mom will let me make a big mess like that on MY birthday!

I’ll help you make the mess.

Hemingway, I think you need to learn about sharing.

What do you mean?

Look at this picture I found on Mom’s camera.

What’s wrong with the picture?

You have ALL the toys and I have none.

But those are old toys.  The new toys were on the floor and you could have jumped down to get them.

I still think you need to learn about sharing.  On my birthday I’ll share with you……maybe.

Dear human and fur people friends, Look at this adorable face and remember that my birthday is March 22nd.  I would love to have my own new toys.

It’s My Birthday!

I just wanted to let all my human and fur people friends know that today is my birthday!!!

Happy Birthday, Hemingway.  I know you’re going to have a very good birthday today.

Did Mom tell you what she bought me?

No…and even if she did, I wouldn’t tell you.  It’s more fun to be surprised.

I’m two years old today so that means I’m a Big Boy!!!  Here’s a picture of me shortly after Mom got me from the Humane Society.  I was only 9 weeks old in this picture.  I’m sure glad I finally grew into my ears.  I forgot how big they used to be!

Now everything about you is big.

Shakespeare, you’re not far behind!  You certainly aren’t a petite little kitty any longer.

Here’s a picture that Mom took of me before it got really cold outside.  See, I really have grown into my ears.  Of course now that I’m two I’m even more handsome.

From the Mom:  Happy Birthday, Hemingway.  I’m so glad I found you because you have added so much love and laughter to our household.  Shakespeare, your birthday is in three months and then you’ll be a Big Boy, too.

Merry Christmas to everyone from The Mom, Hemingway and Shakespeare!

We’re So Busy

Hemingway, you’re not helping!

That’s what Mom keeps saying, but I love to do whatever she’s doing.

What if she happens to be wrapping one of your birthday presents?

Then I’ll keep my eyes shut.

I still think Mom is going to tell you to get out of the room.  Aren’t the lights pretty?

They sure are.  I just love all the pretty colors.  Why can’t we have those lights on all year long?

I don’t know.  Mom seems to take them down shortly after my birthday.  Hey…….maybe she puts them up in honor of my birthday!  I never thought about that before.

Hemingway, the world does not revolve around you.

Well, sometimes it comes pretty close.

I’m going to take a nap so I can be ready to play when Mom gets home.

Me too!!!  I may have to help her wrap some more things.


Mom’s Confused…..Again!

Mom said everything is messed up.

Is she talking about us?

I don’t think so, but I can never be sure.

Why are things messed up and why is she confused?

She said it’s almost Christmas and it’s too warm.  She said she was driving around in that big car thing that takes her places and she said she had the windows down.  I kind of like this warm weather ‘cuz we can go outside and play.  I even found some dirt to roll around in yesterday, and it wasn’t that white stuff that’s out there sometimes.

Wasn’t that fun?  I saw Mom hanging some of those sheets on the line.  That got me excited ‘cuz I knew she was going to make her bed and I LOVE to help with that!  She says I’m not help at all but I know she doesn’t mean it.

Do you want another drinking lesson tonight?

Sure thing.  You make drinking from the bathroom faucet look so easy.  I seem to get more water on me than in me.  How do you do it?

You have to position yourself just right and you have to make sure Mom doesn’t turn on the water too fast.  I really love drinking that fresh water.

I noticed that you almost knocked Mom down a few times ‘cuz you were in such a hurry to get into the bathroom ahead of her.

I guess I should be a little more careful or she might fall and then who would feed us?

I’ll go watch for Mom to get home so you can give me another lesson.  If I fall asleep, don’t forget to wake me.

We Can Communicate Again!!!!!

Hemingway, wake up!

What’s the problem?

Mom forgot to tell us that she got the computer fixed.  She probably thought we wouldn’t notice.

You mean we can talk to the fur people and humans again without having to sneak off to the library?

This is so much easier!!!

Did you look at the calendar?

Not today, why?

My birthday is only about 1 1/2 weeks away now.  Have you bought me something yet?  Do you want me to help you wrap it?

You know Mom hasn’t let me go outside lately.  She says it’s too cold.

So what’s stopping you from shopping online?  I can show you how.  The only problem is that I don’t have Mom’s credit card so I don’t know how we’ll pay for things.

We could put some of Mom’s things on Ebay and then we’ll get some money.

Hey, that’s not a bad idea.  What should we put up there first?

How about Ebony, the dog?  She snores too loudly and keeps me awake.

No way………..Ebony and I are good friends.  This is my favorite picture of the two of us.

It looks like you are trying to cover Ebony’s eyes for some reason.

Maybe Mom was wrapping her Christmas present…I really don’t remember what I was doing.   But we have to get back to the important stuff.  Let’s go look through Mom’s things and see what we can sell so you can buy me birthday and Christmas presents.

We’re Still Here……

Hey humans and fur friends………we’re still here!

Mom wouldn’t let us go out in the cold and snow so we couldn’t go out and find another computer to use.  Mom’s computer is still broken and that makes it very hard for us to keep in touch with everyone.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving.  Mom gave us some extra turkey treats.  Since she was going to another house for the big meal, we were afraid she would forget about us but she didn’t.

Mom even gave me some bread ‘cuz she knows I just love it.

I’d rather have the turkey treats.

Guess what else.  Mom bought us something special.  She said she had to go out shopping on Black Friday.

It really was black outside when she left the house so I think that’s why she called it Black Friday.  I think she was overcome with stupidity to be going outside at that time, but we couldn’t stop her.

When she came home she had the most beautiful big pillow.  She put it on the floor and Hemingway and I fell in love with it.  I think Hemingway was the first one to curl up on it, but we’ve been pretty good about taking turns.

Mom was laughing at us ‘cuz she said she bought the pillow for Ebony the dog but old Ebony didn’t want anything to do with the pillow.  That means the pillow is officially ours!!!

Maybe Mom will take a picture of us on our pillow sometime so you can see how neat it is…..and how handsome we both are!

I wonder if Mom will count this as one of our Christmas presents now.

Maybe she’ll count it as your birthday present since your birthday is on December 24th.

Hey…….that’s not fair!  MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!