We’re Still Here……

Hey humans and fur friends………we’re still here!

Mom wouldn’t let us go out in the cold and snow so we couldn’t go out and find another computer to use.  Mom’s computer is still broken and that makes it very hard for us to keep in touch with everyone.

We had a delicious Thanksgiving.  Mom gave us some extra turkey treats.  Since she was going to another house for the big meal, we were afraid she would forget about us but she didn’t.

Mom even gave me some bread ‘cuz she knows I just love it.

I’d rather have the turkey treats.

Guess what else.  Mom bought us something special.  She said she had to go out shopping on Black Friday.

It really was black outside when she left the house so I think that’s why she called it Black Friday.  I think she was overcome with stupidity to be going outside at that time, but we couldn’t stop her.

When she came home she had the most beautiful big pillow.  She put it on the floor and Hemingway and I fell in love with it.  I think Hemingway was the first one to curl up on it, but we’ve been pretty good about taking turns.

Mom was laughing at us ‘cuz she said she bought the pillow for Ebony the dog but old Ebony didn’t want anything to do with the pillow.  That means the pillow is officially ours!!!

Maybe Mom will take a picture of us on our pillow sometime so you can see how neat it is…..and how handsome we both are!

I wonder if Mom will count this as one of our Christmas presents now.

Maybe she’ll count it as your birthday present since your birthday is on December 24th.

Hey…….that’s not fair!  MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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