The Party’s Over

How come nobody ever told me how tiring birthdays can be?  This is pretty much what I’ve looked like since I turned two!

Don’t believe him!  He still chases me when Mom isn’t looking.  I thought all the people and noise on Christmas Eve was a bit too much so I stayed away, but Mom showed me pictures of what Hemingway was doing.  He really knows how to party!

I had so much fun!  They had lots and lots of paper for me to play with, on, in, over and under!   Mom took a picture of me in the middle of it all when I was looking for my new toy.

I wonder if Mom will let me make a big mess like that on MY birthday!

I’ll help you make the mess.

Hemingway, I think you need to learn about sharing.

What do you mean?

Look at this picture I found on Mom’s camera.

What’s wrong with the picture?

You have ALL the toys and I have none.

But those are old toys.  The new toys were on the floor and you could have jumped down to get them.

I still think you need to learn about sharing.  On my birthday I’ll share with you……maybe.

Dear human and fur people friends, Look at this adorable face and remember that my birthday is March 22nd.  I would love to have my own new toys.

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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