A “Really Lot”

Can I borrow your toes and fingers?

Mmmfft….mmmmmmm….y..a..w..n………..     What????

Can I borrow your toes and fingers?

You woke me up to ask a silly question like that?  Why do you need my toes and fingers?

Mom said that we have almost 100 posts on our blog and I was just trying to figure out how many that really is.  I ran out of toes and fingers so I need more.

I don’t think you’ll have enough even if you use my toes and fingers and Mom’s toes and fingers.

Wow!!!!  That’s a really lot then.

Yes, it’s a “really lot”.

I guess we’ve had all sorts of things to talk about in 2011.

Now we’re going to have to come up with some new things for 2012.

Why?  What’s happening?

Tomorrow is December 31st and that’s the last day of 2011.  The next year is going to be 2012.

That means my second birthday is in 2012.  I really like that year!!!

Fine.  Now let me go back to sleep.

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