We love Sundays!

For one thing, Mom is usually home most of the day.

She goes to church early in the morning and sings choir…

I’m not sure if a “choir” is something she wears, something she carries, or something she puts in her mouth.

Shakespeare, quit thinking about food!  I told you before that a choir is a group of humans  in the church who sing songs.  Before you ask, fur people don’t get to sing in choirs….at least not in church.  Maybe we could start our own choir in the neighborhood.  I’m pretty sure Champ and Axle, the neighbor dogs, would join us and maybe some of the fur people out in “blogland” would join us.  But back to Sundays…

Is that what we were talking about?  My mind wandered when you mentioned food.

We love Sundays because they are usually quiet days.  We really like it when the sun shines ‘cuz then we can take “sun baths”. 

I know what that is and I love it!

Mom usually does some cooking in the afternoon and the house smells good.

Food…….yes, we LOVE that!!!!

Sometimes Mom reads and then I can take a nap on her lap.  She really likes it when I curl up on top of her and start purring.

I’m too independent to climb up on her lap, but sometimes I wish I could just go ahead and do it.

Why don’t you?  Mom would really be surprised and she’d be so happy.

I’m going to have to think about that.  Shall we go find some sunshine and take a nap now?

Sounds good to me.  Maybe that’s what the humans are doing today, too.  Let’s go see if Mom’s taking a nap.

Moving It

Mom said we should get some exercise, so we tried!

Hemingway, please get off. It's my turn now!

I really didn’t like the bike that much when I got on it.

This is the face Mom makes when she rides the bike.

It’s really not easy for us to ride this bike.  There must be another way to get exercise.

God, longer legs would really help.
Hey, does this bike make me look fat????

Mom, we’ve had enough.  We think you should get on the bike now.

I’m Such a Lucky Kitty!!!

I love getting birthday treats!

I’m so happy!!!!  Mom said she had a late birthday present for me from a friend, but she kept forgetting to give it to me.  Finally last night the guilt must have eaten away at her ‘cuz she brought out the package and we opened it.  Look at all my treats!!!  I really want to thank you, Auntie Pat!  I’m just delighted to have such good treats.  I was good and I shared them with my little brother, Shakespeare.  He figures all food is his, but these are MY treats.  Now he just better remember to share with me if he gets neat stuff for his birthday.  I wish I could have a birthday every month.  I wonder if humans wish that too.  I’m just so happy I could do cartwheels…..if I knew what they were!

My Birthday’s Coming

Shakespeare, what have you done?


You changed our page! 

I know!  Isn’t it cool?   Now the human and fur people readers will know exactly when my birthday is.

That’s cheating!

Well, you kept reminding them when your birthday was coming.

Yes, but I worked at it and did the typing.  You just put up that big old reminder so now the readers will see it every time they look at our blog.

I know.  I’m soooooooooooo clever and you’re sooooooooooooo jealous!!!

I’m going to go finish the food in the dish.

Not if I get there first.


Hemingway seems to think I hog the computer too much.

You do!  Every time I wake up from a nap, you’re at the computer or you have your face in the food dish.

Why are you so grumpy?

I don’t know.  Maybe I’m sick of winter.  I want to go out and explore the yard but I’m certainly not going to do it when it’s this cold and there’s snow on the ground.

Mom won’t let you go out, anyway.

Why does Ebony get to go out?

I think it’s ‘cuz she’s bigger and she has different fur and she’s one of those dog things.

Sometimes I think she’s lucky but then when I look at the toasty fire, I realize it’s nicer being inside in the winter.  What are you doing?

Shakespeare blogging....

I’m reading our blog.  I wanted to see if any of the humans or fur people left comments for us.  Sometimes Mom forgets to tell us.

Well, she is pretty busy, but I agree that she should let us know when others want to talk to us.  Hello world………..we’re listening!


Shakespeare, help me figure out something.

Ok…..just let me finish eating these last two little bites of food.

I might have known you would be stuffing your face when I’m trying to understand something.

Never mind.  What’s your problem?

Well, Mom said this morning that it was minus ten degrees outside.  I’m thinking that’s pretty cold.

I know it’s cold ‘cuz I was standing by the door when she opened it, but I still don’t understand what you’re trying to figure out about it.

When it is zero degrees, doesn’t that mean that there are no degrees outside? 

I guess so.

How can we have less than no degrees then?  It doesn’t make sense to me.  If you don’t have any degrees to begin with, how can you have ten less of them?  Where are they coming from?

That’s way too much to think about!  Let’s go find some sunshine so we can lie down and take a nap.

Sounds good, but I’m still really confused about those numbers.  Did you eat all the food????

Twilight Zone

Hemingway, I’m really amazed….and kind of spooked.

What’s going on?

Have you looked around in the basement?

Sure.  Of course Mom won’t let me go everywhere but I’ve done some exploring.

Have you noticed that one painting on the wall by the door?

Which painting?

This one…….

I guess I haven’t paid much attention to it.  Why?

I asked Mom about it and she said her mother painted it a long time ago.  I think it looks a lot like me.

Now that you mention it, I guess it does.

How did Mom’s mom know that I was going to live here?

Hey………that reminds me.  Mom showed me a picture once of a kitty that she had in high school.  Even though the kitty was a girl, she looked a lot like me.  I guess her name was Trixie and she was a big kitty like me.  I don’t know where that picture is now so I can’t show you.

Don’t you think it’s strange that Mom once had a kitty who looked like you and then her mom painted a kitty who looked like me?

I don’t think it’s strange.  I think it’s rather wonderful.  It just shows me that Mom was supposed to have both of us.

I like that explanation.  Let’s go find Mom and purr in her ears to show her how happy we are living with her.


Mom’s mean!

She is not.

I think she is ‘cuz she made me go outside in the cold.

Dear human people and fur people readers,  Let it hereby be known that Mom did NOT make Shakespeare go outside.  He kept bugging her about going out and she kept telling him it was cold but he wouldn’t listen.  Finally, when she let Ebony out, Shakespeare was right at the door and she told him he could go out.  When Ebony wanted to come in, Mom looked for Shakespeare and told him to get in the house.

I still think Mom should have been clearer about how cold it was out there.  I had to come inside and eat so I could warm up.

You’ll use any excuse to eat.

What are you going to do tonight?

I’m going to lie by the fire like kitties are supposed to do when it’s cold.

Maybe I’ll join you and see if I can thaw out my frozen feet.

You were only outside for a couple of minutes.

I don’t care.  It was COLD!!!!


Mom said she’s going to enter me in the Indy 500.  What is that?

Well, I think Mom is a little confused.  That’s a race for cars…..not cats.  Of course she’s only one letter off so maybe she’s just tired.

If it’s a race, it makes sense to me.


Don’t you remember what happened tonight?

Oh yes……….hahahahahaha!  I better explain to the humans and fur people reading this.  Mom let us both go outside when she got home from work tonight.  She let us stay out there until it started getting dark.  Then she took one of our bags of treats, opened the door and shook it real hard.

I LOVE the sound of the treat bag!!!

You sure do.  I’ve never seen anything run as fast as you did tonight.

I almost missed the turn.  Mom was laughing at me ‘cuz she said I was nothing but an orange streak.  You ran pretty fast, too…….but not as fast as me.

Mom sure knows how to get us in the house.

I’m going to practice my running in the house tonight so I can keep in shape.  I want to be ready for the Indy 500.  I wonder if they give treats to the winners.

Playing Games with Mom

We’re having so much fun!

We’re playing games with Mom today.

The sunshine is real bright and there’s no wind so for a winter day, Mom says it is super nice.

We begged her to let us go outside.

Well, actually you just headed outside on your own before she gave the invitation.

But I knew she wanted us to go outside and play so I was just saving her a step.

She let us be out there by ourselves.

No she didn’t.  Ebony was out there, too!

She doesn’t count ‘cuz she can’t hear anything and she wouldn’t tell on us if we did anything bad….not that we would EVER think of doing anything bad!

Anyway, we were all outside and Ebony decided she wanted to go back inside.  That meant Mom started looking for us to see where we were.  She found us and asked us if we wanted to come inside.

That was such a silly question!

Then why did you go inside with her?

I don’t know!  She confused me.

I stayed outside and played and had fun by myself.

Yes, but next time Ebony went outside, I went out with her before Mom could stop me and by then you were in the house again.

HAHAHAHAHAHA…………That’s what we’ve been doing to Mom today.  If she gets one of us inside, the other one goes outside.   We’re just teasing her and so far she’s laughing.

Mom says we better enjoy this ‘cuz winter around here isn’t usually this nice.  By now there should be snow way past the tips of our tails.  I wonder what it would be like to run around in snow like that?

I don’t think we want to try.  Now, you sneak outside and I’ll stay in and then I’ll sneak out when you come in.  We can do this all day long!

Do you know what Mom meant when she said the full moon makes us crazy?????