Naughty Rampages

Shakespeare, you can come out of hiding now.

I don’t think I want to.

You’ve been awfully quiet for a few days now.  I must admit I rather enjoy it.  After all the celebrations for my birthday, I needed some peace and quiet so I could catch up on my cat naps.

You never have any problems sleeping so I’m not concerned.

Well, what happened to you?

Mom said I got in a naughty rampage and she was pretty mad.  I guess I was upset that you got so much attention for your birthday, and it seemed like everyone was forgetting about me.

Silly goose!  Your birthday is coming in March and you’ll get all the attention then, unless I do something extremely cute and adorable.

Well, after being so bad, maybe Mom will forget my birthday.

She would never do that.  She loves you and she loves me.  She adopted us out of all those other kitties.  She chose us special and you should learn to be good.

I think I was trying so hard to be extra good before Christmas and then all that naughty stuff just blew up inside me and spilled right outside.  I’ve heard that happens to humans, too.  I guess I’m just normal.

You go right on thinking that and you might be able to convince yourself eventually!