Playing Games with Mom

We’re having so much fun!

We’re playing games with Mom today.

The sunshine is real bright and there’s no wind so for a winter day, Mom says it is super nice.

We begged her to let us go outside.

Well, actually you just headed outside on your own before she gave the invitation.

But I knew she wanted us to go outside and play so I was just saving her a step.

She let us be out there by ourselves.

No she didn’t.  Ebony was out there, too!

She doesn’t count ‘cuz she can’t hear anything and she wouldn’t tell on us if we did anything bad….not that we would EVER think of doing anything bad!

Anyway, we were all outside and Ebony decided she wanted to go back inside.  That meant Mom started looking for us to see where we were.  She found us and asked us if we wanted to come inside.

That was such a silly question!

Then why did you go inside with her?

I don’t know!  She confused me.

I stayed outside and played and had fun by myself.

Yes, but next time Ebony went outside, I went out with her before Mom could stop me and by then you were in the house again.

HAHAHAHAHAHA…………That’s what we’ve been doing to Mom today.  If she gets one of us inside, the other one goes outside.   We’re just teasing her and so far she’s laughing.

Mom says we better enjoy this ‘cuz winter around here isn’t usually this nice.  By now there should be snow way past the tips of our tails.  I wonder what it would be like to run around in snow like that?

I don’t think we want to try.  Now, you sneak outside and I’ll stay in and then I’ll sneak out when you come in.  We can do this all day long!

Do you know what Mom meant when she said the full moon makes us crazy?????

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