Mom said she’s going to enter me in the Indy 500.  What is that?

Well, I think Mom is a little confused.  That’s a race for cars…..not cats.  Of course she’s only one letter off so maybe she’s just tired.

If it’s a race, it makes sense to me.


Don’t you remember what happened tonight?

Oh yes……….hahahahahaha!  I better explain to the humans and fur people reading this.  Mom let us both go outside when she got home from work tonight.  She let us stay out there until it started getting dark.  Then she took one of our bags of treats, opened the door and shook it real hard.

I LOVE the sound of the treat bag!!!

You sure do.  I’ve never seen anything run as fast as you did tonight.

I almost missed the turn.  Mom was laughing at me ‘cuz she said I was nothing but an orange streak.  You ran pretty fast, too…….but not as fast as me.

Mom sure knows how to get us in the house.

I’m going to practice my running in the house tonight so I can keep in shape.  I want to be ready for the Indy 500.  I wonder if they give treats to the winners.

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