Mom’s mean!

She is not.

I think she is ‘cuz she made me go outside in the cold.

Dear human people and fur people readers,  Let it hereby be known that Mom did NOT make Shakespeare go outside.  He kept bugging her about going out and she kept telling him it was cold but he wouldn’t listen.  Finally, when she let Ebony out, Shakespeare was right at the door and she told him he could go out.  When Ebony wanted to come in, Mom looked for Shakespeare and told him to get in the house.

I still think Mom should have been clearer about how cold it was out there.  I had to come inside and eat so I could warm up.

You’ll use any excuse to eat.

What are you going to do tonight?

I’m going to lie by the fire like kitties are supposed to do when it’s cold.

Maybe I’ll join you and see if I can thaw out my frozen feet.

You were only outside for a couple of minutes.

I don’t care.  It was COLD!!!!

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