New Cousin

We have a new cousin!

What’s a cousin?

Mom explained that it’s kind of a relative.  Here’s a picture of Stella.

Stella at Nine Weeks.

That’s not a cousin…………..that’s a dog and she came over to our house.

Ok, so it’s a cousin dog.  She’s a Newfoundland and Mom says she’s going to be really big.  Right now she’s about the same size as me and weighs a pound less.

I was really scared when she came in the house on Sunday.  I didn’t know what was going on.  She was black like you but she didn’t have any white on her and she made strange noises.

She was barking.  Ebony doesn’t do much barking now but my best friend, Champ, does a little so I know what barking is.  I was scared of Stella, too.  Mom thought I would be making friends with her right away but it confused me that she was my size.  I’m used to dogs being bigger.

Mom said it won’t take long before she’s lots bigger than we are.

I suppose it would be smart for both of us if we made friends with Stella while she’s little.

Are we going to get more cousins?

I have no idea.  I think it’s cool that pretty soon it’s going to be more fur people than humans in our family!

I hope all those cousins don’t try to eat our food, but I’m sure glad the humans leave our food alone!

P.E.A. (Plant Eaters Anonymous)

Hello, my name is Hemingway and I’m a Plant Eater.

What are you doing?

I’m practicing.

Practicing what?

Mom said she was going to send me to Plant Eaters Anonymous and I am supposed to introduce myself to all the fur people and humans.

When are you going?

I have no idea.  I just know that Mom got upset with me last night ‘cuz I wouldn’t leave her plants alone.  She kept chasing me away but I kept going right back to the same spot.  Finally she said she was taking me to Plant Eaters Anonymous.

Why were you being so stubborn?

I was just concerned about Mom and thought she needed some exercise so I kept making her get up and walk over to the plants.

I don’t believe that.  You were just being naughty for the fun of it.

Well, most of the time I just like to stare at the dirt.  Have you ever noticed how fascinating it is?  I sit and stare at it and I imagine myself in some nice yard on a sunny day enjoying a gentle breeze.

Your imagination is almost as wild as Mom’s!

Hush.  I have to practice speaking clearly.  Hello, my name is…..

Are they serving food at that meeting????

Guest Writer

We wanted to let our human and fur people readers know that we are allowing a “guest writer” to do our blog for today.

You’ve already heard about her ‘cuz she lives with us, but she’s not the same as us ‘cuz we’re kitties and she’s a dog, but she’s our older sister ‘cuz we’re all adopted.

Hi, my name is Ebony and I’m a very old lady.  I’ve lived in this house for around 16 years.  When I first came here there was a dog named Porkie and a kitty named Mischief.  Now I’m outnumbered but I don’t really mind.  Hemingway and Shakespeare are pretty cool and we all get along quite well.  I just wanted to give you my impressions of these two furry creatures.

Shakespeare is rather aloof.  About all he thinks about is food.  I used to be that way but now that I’m old I’m not as interested in food.  Shakespeare may eventually get to be like that, but I know I won’t be around if and when it happens.  When Mom comes home at night Shakespeare doesn’t even take time to say, “Welcome home.”  He just runs right to the container that keeps their food.  That’s another thing about him:  nobody can run faster than Shakespeare!  He races through the house so fast that I don’t even see him.  I used to run fast.  I chased squirrels, bunnies, the other dogs in the neighborhood and even balls and toys that were thrown.  Now I have a lot of trouble just getting around.  My poor legs are getting to be too tired to move.  Just like Mom I have to deal with arthritis and some days it really hurts.  Mom knows what it feels like but Hemingway and Shakespeare have no idea.

Hemingway is my buddy.  He really tries to take care of me.  When I’m having sort of a rough night, he will come and snuggle with me.  He has a very quiet motor and I’m very hard of hearing so I have no idea if he is purring or not, but I like to think he is.  I have to tell you about what happened recently.  Hemingway is big and he usually stretches out in the middle of the floor right in everyone’s way.  He’s so good at that!  Anyway, I was trying to walk around and I accidentally stepped on him.  He made a noise and somehow I heard it and it scared me.  I lost my balance and fell on the floor.  I was frantic.  I tried and tried to get up and I just couldn’t.  I was so scared.  Mom came over and petted me and got me to calm down.  Soon my heart stopped racing and I could breathe normally again.  I was only partially lying down by then and Mom could tell I was going to be fine.  When Mom left, Hemingway came over.  Mom turned around just in time to see Hemingway licking me on my face.  Poor Hemingway was scared that I had gotten hurt and that it was his fault.  He just wanted to let me know that he wasn’t hurt and that he hoped I wasn’t either.  Mom just stood there smiling at both of us.  I think she’s starting to catch on to how much communicating we actually do.

Hemingway takes care of me.

Well, I’m really getting tired now so I better sign off.  It was very nice chatting with Hemingway and Shakespeare’s friends.  I’m sorry I probably won’t be around much longer to get to know everyone.  I’ve had a wonderful life and it’s been a long one so I guess my time is getting nearer.  I’m going to keep kicking as long as I can ‘cuz life with Hemingway and Shakespeare is always an adventure!

We Are So Good!

When we got up for breakfast this morning, we found this note from Mom:

Dear Boys,

Thank you so much for the wonderful Valentine’s present.  Letting me sleep through the night was great!  I know you really wanted to run through the house like crazy and play with your toys, but you refrained.  Thank you for giving me one good night’s rest.  Now that I know you really can do it, maybe you could try letting me sleep a few more nights.  Love you boys.

She was so happy with our gift!  Do we get treats now?

Happy Heart Day

What are we going to do?

Who can help us?

We’ll feel so sad (see our blog about emotions) if we can’t do something.

We better explain to the humans what has us so upset.

Ok, you go first.

Well, according to the calendar, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.  We don’t remember much about this day last year, but we’re older now so we’re getting wise.

Yes, I’ll be two next month.

They know!  Anyway, we’ve been watching TV and seeing things on the internet about how Valentine’s Day is a day when humans tell the other humans how much they love them.

That’s nice!  What about us fur people?  Do they tell us, too?  Do we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Do we get extra treats?

Mom always tells us she loves us.  She’ll probably give us extra treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I’m sure the other humans who are lucky enough to have fur people will do the same.  But we’re still not telling the humans what’s bothering us… and how do you manage to mention food every time?

I’ll be quiet now so tell them.

We want to show Mom how much we love her but she won’t let us outside when it’s cold.

Besides, if we do go outside we can’t go out of the yard.

There are no flowers in the yard for us to pick right now.  We aren’t allowed to eat chocolate so we don’t have any chocolate to share with Mom.

If chocolate is bad for us, why isn’t it bad for humans?  Maybe Mom shouldn’t be eating chocolate.  Maybe we should hide all the chocolate from her.

Back to what I was talking about…We can’t even go to the store to get Mom a card. We want to do something special for Mom on Valentine’s Day but we just don’t know how.

Maybe we could go on the internet and send her an e-card.  Don’t you know how to do that?

I’ve never tried doing that before, but maybe I could learn.

Wait……I have a better idea.  You know how Mom doesn’t like it when we wake her up in the middle of the night?

Yes, she has this thing about wanting to sleep through the night.  Doesn’t she know that’s the best time to play?

Maybe tomorrow night as a special Valentine’s gift to her, we could keep our playing to a minimum and be real quiet so we don’t wake her up.

She would be so happy to sleep all night long!  That’s a great idea!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom……from both of us!

We're practicing sleeping through the night as a surprise for Mom.

Emotions: A Lesson

Shakespeare and I decided we would give our human readers a lesson on our kitty emotions.  That way if you ever come to visit us, you’ll be able to understand us better.

HAPPY:  I’m always happy when I get food or treats.  I’m happy when I can take a nap on Mom’s lap. And both of us love to be brushed and petted.  I don’t like to be brushed.  Well, you don’t know what you’re missing.

SAD:  We’re sad when Mom has to leave us and go to work.  I’m sad if we run out of food or treats.  (Mom’s really good about making sure we have plenty to eat, though.)

CONFUSED:  We’re confused with this weather stuff.  Yes, why is it nice and warm in the house but if we stick our noses outside it’s cold?  Doesn’t the sun shine hard enough to make it warm in the winter?  Does it need more batteries?  If we left the freezer door open, would the house be as cold inside as it is outside?  I don’t think we better try that stunt.  I don’t think Mom would be happy.

SCARED:  I get scared when Mom puts me in the carrier and we go to the Doctor man’s house.  I’m a big boy and I don’t need to be in a carrier, but sometimes the ride over there scares me, too.

JEALOUS:  Sometimes we get mad at each other if Mom is paying too much attention to one of us.  We’re just little kitties and we get jealous if Mom pays too much attention to one of us.  Mom tells us we’re typical little brothers.

CURIOUS:  Come on……we’re kitties, you humans know we’re always curious!  Yes, we have to explore new bags and boxes that come in the house.  I like to check out what Mom is eating so sometimes if I get the chance, I reach up and pull her plate down so I can see.  We also have to check out new humans that come into the house.  Sometimes the new humans even bring fur people with them and then we really get curious!

SLEEPY: Both of us are sleepy right now ‘cuz we just did lots of thinking.  We’re going to go curl up in the warm sunshine and take a little nap while we wait for Mom to get home.  Then it’s time to eat and I’ll be HAPPY!!!

Super Bowl and Football

What’s football?

I don’t know.  Why?

Mom says there’s a big football game this weekend and it’s called the Super Bowl.

Ok….let’s figure this out together.  First of all, you know that we both like games so it already sounds like a winner in my opinion.  What else have you heard about the Super Bowl?

I know it’s about football…..whatever that is.

Wait, that’s easy!  You know what a foot is.  You also know what a ball is.

Oh yeah!!!  Mom puts that little jingle ball in the bathtub for us and it’s so much fun to kick it around.  We can really make that thing fly!  So, we use our feet and it’s a ball.  Is that football then?

I think so.  What else have you heard?

I’ve heard on TV that people have Super Bowl parties and they have lots of food.

Well I know you understand that perfectly because it involves food.  So, maybe everyone gets really, really big bowls and they put lots of food in those bowls…..

….and then they get in bathtubs and kick little jingle balls around?  I can’t wait until Sunday to see all this.

Humans are strange.