Emotions: A Lesson

Shakespeare and I decided we would give our human readers a lesson on our kitty emotions.  That way if you ever come to visit us, you’ll be able to understand us better.

HAPPY:  I’m always happy when I get food or treats.  I’m happy when I can take a nap on Mom’s lap. And both of us love to be brushed and petted.  I don’t like to be brushed.  Well, you don’t know what you’re missing.

SAD:  We’re sad when Mom has to leave us and go to work.  I’m sad if we run out of food or treats.  (Mom’s really good about making sure we have plenty to eat, though.)

CONFUSED:  We’re confused with this weather stuff.  Yes, why is it nice and warm in the house but if we stick our noses outside it’s cold?  Doesn’t the sun shine hard enough to make it warm in the winter?  Does it need more batteries?  If we left the freezer door open, would the house be as cold inside as it is outside?  I don’t think we better try that stunt.  I don’t think Mom would be happy.

SCARED:  I get scared when Mom puts me in the carrier and we go to the Doctor man’s house.  I’m a big boy and I don’t need to be in a carrier, but sometimes the ride over there scares me, too.

JEALOUS:  Sometimes we get mad at each other if Mom is paying too much attention to one of us.  We’re just little kitties and we get jealous if Mom pays too much attention to one of us.  Mom tells us we’re typical little brothers.

CURIOUS:  Come on……we’re kitties, you humans know we’re always curious!  Yes, we have to explore new bags and boxes that come in the house.  I like to check out what Mom is eating so sometimes if I get the chance, I reach up and pull her plate down so I can see.  We also have to check out new humans that come into the house.  Sometimes the new humans even bring fur people with them and then we really get curious!

SLEEPY: Both of us are sleepy right now ‘cuz we just did lots of thinking.  We’re going to go curl up in the warm sunshine and take a little nap while we wait for Mom to get home.  Then it’s time to eat and I’ll be HAPPY!!!

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