Happy Heart Day

What are we going to do?

Who can help us?

We’ll feel so sad (see our blog about emotions) if we can’t do something.

We better explain to the humans what has us so upset.

Ok, you go first.

Well, according to the calendar, Valentine’s Day is on February 14th.  We don’t remember much about this day last year, but we’re older now so we’re getting wise.

Yes, I’ll be two next month.

They know!  Anyway, we’ve been watching TV and seeing things on the internet about how Valentine’s Day is a day when humans tell the other humans how much they love them.

That’s nice!  What about us fur people?  Do they tell us, too?  Do we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day?  Do we get extra treats?

Mom always tells us she loves us.  She’ll probably give us extra treats to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  I’m sure the other humans who are lucky enough to have fur people will do the same.  But we’re still not telling the humans what’s bothering us… and how do you manage to mention food every time?

I’ll be quiet now so tell them.

We want to show Mom how much we love her but she won’t let us outside when it’s cold.

Besides, if we do go outside we can’t go out of the yard.

There are no flowers in the yard for us to pick right now.  We aren’t allowed to eat chocolate so we don’t have any chocolate to share with Mom.

If chocolate is bad for us, why isn’t it bad for humans?  Maybe Mom shouldn’t be eating chocolate.  Maybe we should hide all the chocolate from her.

Back to what I was talking about…We can’t even go to the store to get Mom a card. We want to do something special for Mom on Valentine’s Day but we just don’t know how.

Maybe we could go on the internet and send her an e-card.  Don’t you know how to do that?

I’ve never tried doing that before, but maybe I could learn.

Wait……I have a better idea.  You know how Mom doesn’t like it when we wake her up in the middle of the night?

Yes, she has this thing about wanting to sleep through the night.  Doesn’t she know that’s the best time to play?

Maybe tomorrow night as a special Valentine’s gift to her, we could keep our playing to a minimum and be real quiet so we don’t wake her up.

She would be so happy to sleep all night long!  That’s a great idea!!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mom……from both of us!

We're practicing sleeping through the night as a surprise for Mom.

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