Guest Writer

We wanted to let our human and fur people readers know that we are allowing a “guest writer” to do our blog for today.

You’ve already heard about her ‘cuz she lives with us, but she’s not the same as us ‘cuz we’re kitties and she’s a dog, but she’s our older sister ‘cuz we’re all adopted.

Hi, my name is Ebony and I’m a very old lady.  I’ve lived in this house for around 16 years.  When I first came here there was a dog named Porkie and a kitty named Mischief.  Now I’m outnumbered but I don’t really mind.  Hemingway and Shakespeare are pretty cool and we all get along quite well.  I just wanted to give you my impressions of these two furry creatures.

Shakespeare is rather aloof.  About all he thinks about is food.  I used to be that way but now that I’m old I’m not as interested in food.  Shakespeare may eventually get to be like that, but I know I won’t be around if and when it happens.  When Mom comes home at night Shakespeare doesn’t even take time to say, “Welcome home.”  He just runs right to the container that keeps their food.  That’s another thing about him:  nobody can run faster than Shakespeare!  He races through the house so fast that I don’t even see him.  I used to run fast.  I chased squirrels, bunnies, the other dogs in the neighborhood and even balls and toys that were thrown.  Now I have a lot of trouble just getting around.  My poor legs are getting to be too tired to move.  Just like Mom I have to deal with arthritis and some days it really hurts.  Mom knows what it feels like but Hemingway and Shakespeare have no idea.

Hemingway is my buddy.  He really tries to take care of me.  When I’m having sort of a rough night, he will come and snuggle with me.  He has a very quiet motor and I’m very hard of hearing so I have no idea if he is purring or not, but I like to think he is.  I have to tell you about what happened recently.  Hemingway is big and he usually stretches out in the middle of the floor right in everyone’s way.  He’s so good at that!  Anyway, I was trying to walk around and I accidentally stepped on him.  He made a noise and somehow I heard it and it scared me.  I lost my balance and fell on the floor.  I was frantic.  I tried and tried to get up and I just couldn’t.  I was so scared.  Mom came over and petted me and got me to calm down.  Soon my heart stopped racing and I could breathe normally again.  I was only partially lying down by then and Mom could tell I was going to be fine.  When Mom left, Hemingway came over.  Mom turned around just in time to see Hemingway licking me on my face.  Poor Hemingway was scared that I had gotten hurt and that it was his fault.  He just wanted to let me know that he wasn’t hurt and that he hoped I wasn’t either.  Mom just stood there smiling at both of us.  I think she’s starting to catch on to how much communicating we actually do.

Hemingway takes care of me.

Well, I’m really getting tired now so I better sign off.  It was very nice chatting with Hemingway and Shakespeare’s friends.  I’m sorry I probably won’t be around much longer to get to know everyone.  I’ve had a wonderful life and it’s been a long one so I guess my time is getting nearer.  I’m going to keep kicking as long as I can ‘cuz life with Hemingway and Shakespeare is always an adventure!

4 thoughts on “Guest Writer

  1. Oh, my. That was a touching entry, Ebony. I’m happy you were adopted into such a loving family. I can tell you are a bit older – what with the white whiskers and all. Getting older does have it’s challenges, to be sure. Hang in there and rest as much as you’d like.

    1. Ebony’s taking a nap right now but we’ll tell her that you wrote. We try to let her get lots of rest. Maybe we should do the same for Mom but she’s not as old. Besides, we’re sure Mom likes to play with us in the middle of the night!

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