P.E.A. (Plant Eaters Anonymous)

Hello, my name is Hemingway and I’m a Plant Eater.

What are you doing?

I’m practicing.

Practicing what?

Mom said she was going to send me to Plant Eaters Anonymous and I am supposed to introduce myself to all the fur people and humans.

When are you going?

I have no idea.  I just know that Mom got upset with me last night ‘cuz I wouldn’t leave her plants alone.  She kept chasing me away but I kept going right back to the same spot.  Finally she said she was taking me to Plant Eaters Anonymous.

Why were you being so stubborn?

I was just concerned about Mom and thought she needed some exercise so I kept making her get up and walk over to the plants.

I don’t believe that.  You were just being naughty for the fun of it.

Well, most of the time I just like to stare at the dirt.  Have you ever noticed how fascinating it is?  I sit and stare at it and I imagine myself in some nice yard on a sunny day enjoying a gentle breeze.

Your imagination is almost as wild as Mom’s!

Hush.  I have to practice speaking clearly.  Hello, my name is…..

Are they serving food at that meeting????

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