What’s Wrong with Being Two???

Mom says she’s living in a house of two-year-olds.

What does she mean?  You’re two and I’m two, but Mom’s way over two!

I know.  I’m beginning to think she’s jealous that we’re two and she’s not.

So why did she say that?

Well, she was picking up all the toys that you pulled out of our toy basket and I heard her muttering about having to clean up after two-year-olds.

Just because I pulled some toys out of there?  Didn’t she know that I was searching for just the right toy?

I guess she thought you were supposed to pick up your toys and put them back in the basket.

Well maybe I wanted to play with more toys and by taking them out of the basket it became easier to find the right toy.

Sure makes sense to me.  I think that’s being quite efficient and Mom should be proud of you for that.

I heard her say something about you one day.


She was saying that you shouldn’t put your toys in the bathtub.

Well, she taught me how to do that.  Isn’t it fun when we have our jingle bell balls rolling around in the tub?  It makes noise and they spin around in the tub really fast.

Yes, and we’re getting exercise so Mom should think that’s good.

It’s settled then.  We have to tell Mom that she’s lucky to be living with us two-year-olds ‘cuz we’re efficient and we get exercise.  She can learn from us!

Maybe we can start a class and invite other humans.

That sounds like fun.  We better contact our fur people friends and see if their humans need the class.

Can we have something to eat first?  Work always makes me hungry.

Today’s Thoughts

I know what today is.


It’s SUNday!  Look outside….the sun is shining.

As usual, I’m a little confused about what humans have done to their language.


Well, what would happen if the sun wasn’t shining today?  Would they call it CLOUDday instead?  What happens if we have sunshine on the other days of the week?  For instance, if we have sun on Monday would they have to change the name?  If we have rain on Thursday would they call it Rainday instead?

I don’t know.  I never thought about that.

On top of that, take a look at the names of the days of the week.  What’s a Mon?  What’s a Thurs?  Do humans have to fry their foods on FRIday?  The human language just doesn’t make sense!  Our cat language is much easier to understand.

You’re right.  I just thought it was neat that the sun is shining on SUNday.

I guess you’ve got the right idea.  We should be happy for the little things.  Let’s go find Mom and tell her we should all go outside and play.

I bet I can get to Mom first.

The race is on!

Birthday Greetings from The Mom


I’m so glad I adopted you.  My life has been full of fun and adventure since you and Hemingway came into my life.  I am glad you had such a wonderful birthday.  You probably don’t realize it but you heard from people all over the world.  Isn’t it wonderful that you and Hemingway learned to use the computer?  You’re growing up and it was nice of you to share your new toys and treats with Hemingway.  I know he’ll do the same when his birthday comes along.

Hemingway, I know it was sometimes hard for you to watch Shakespeare getting all the attention today but I know you’ll get all sorts of attention on your birthday.  Before you ask, you may not start bugging the humans and other fur people about your birthday yet ‘cuz it isn’t until December and that’s lots of months away from now.  Yes, I know Shakespeare was a bit of a  pest about making sure everyone knew about his birthday, but you are the bigger brother and you should try to be a good example.

Shakespeare, I’m glad you liked your new toys.  I’m going to share a picture of you with one of your new toys.  I’m sure your new human and fur people friends will enjoy seeing it.

Hemingway, I haven’t forgotten you.  Here’s a picture for your human and fur people to enjoy.  I see that you’ve got all sorts of toys handy but you seem to be too tired to play.

You boys had a big day so you should sleep soundly tonight.   How about if you cancel the races through the house just for tonight so we can all sleep.  Sound like a good idea?

Love you both……….Mom



I was born on March 22, 2010 and Mom adopted me on June 25, 2010.  I was really scared when I first came to my new house.  There was a big black and white cat named Hemingway that I found out was going to be my big brother.  There was also an old black and white dog named Ebony.  I didn’t know what dogs were but I liked her.  She’s gone now and I miss her.  I am a lucky kitty and I’m so glad Mom chose me.

Here’s a picture of me when I was little:

My tail was big even then!

Now that I’m two I suppose I should start planning my career.  Do you think I would make a good model?  I know I don’t want to be a football star and I don’t want to drive a race car.  However, being a model or a movie star might suit me.

Well, I better get going so everyone can greet me and talk to me on my birthday.  I’m going to play, nap, eat and run through the house ‘cuz I’m so happy it’s my birthday!

Tell you what I’m going to do.  Since it’s my birthday, if Hemingway doesn’t come back here and finish his food, then it’s mine to eat.  First I have to clean out my dish but that shouldn’t be a problem. 

To all my human and fur people friends, I just want to thank you for helping me celebrate my birthday.  I’m really enjoying my special day!

Mom…..hurry up and get home from work so I can open my presents and eat my treats!  Hemingway, thank you for letting me have the blog to myself today.  I’ll do the same for you on your birthday.

We’re Getting Excited Now!

Mom’s coming home tonight.  Mom’s coming home tonight!

My birthday’s only two days away.  My birthday’s only two days away!

Shakespeare, aren’t you excited that Mom’s coming home tonight?

Sure, it means that my birthday is even closer.

Is that all you think about?

Just because your birthday is by Christmas and there’s all sorts of parties, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t expect big things on my birthday in the middle of nothing on the calendar.

But think about it.  Since my birthday is by Christmas and the humans are so busy thinking about Christmas,  they sometimes let my special day just slide by.  Right now while I’m still kind of young and very handsome, they make an effort to remember.  What happens when I get older and the humans get older and lose their memories?

I hadn’t thought about it that way.  But I still want everyone to get excited about my birthday.  It’s my very own day!

Don’t you think we should celebrate when Mom adopted us?  I think that’s a really important date to remember.

Right!  We each have two very special days to celebrate.

I still think you should get a little excited about Mom coming home tonight.

Will she give us treats when she gets here?

Loneliness Isn’t Fun….Even for Kitties

I miss Mom!  Isn’t she ever coming home?  Did she leave us forever??

Will you calm down?  You know that big piece of paper hanging on the wall that has pictures of kitties and big squares with numbers in them?

What does that have to do with Mom?

That thing is what humans call a calendar and they keep track of important things on it.

Like my birthday?

Hush!  Mom wrote on there when she’s going to be coming back.

How long do we have to wait?

Today is Friday and counting today it will be five days.  That’s one paw.

You mean she’ll be home in one paw’s worth of time?

You’ve got it.

I’m so happy!!!

I heard Uncle Bob saying she will be stopping by the house tomorrow to get some different clothes ‘cuz it’s so warm now.

Do you think we can convince her to let us go outside and play while she’s here?

I’m sure we can.

That dog she’s taking care of must be lots of work ‘cuz she hasn’t even called us or sent us an email.

I think she said that she doesn’t have a computer at that house.

Well, she has a phone!  She should call us.  I miss Mom!!!!

We Hate Suitcases

Why does Mom have her suitcase out again?  That usually is a bad thing.

Didn’t you look at the calendar?

No, it’s too high on the wall.  What does it say?

It says she’s going to go take care of that dog again.

Why does she want to go spend time with a dog?

I have no idea.  It would be better if she just stayed here with us.  We need her ‘cuz she gives us food, treats, tummy rubs, brushings and lots of attention.

Who’s going to take care of us?  Will we still get fed?  Will we still get food?

Don’t worry, Uncle Bob will take care of us.  He’s good.  Not as good as Mom ‘cuz he doesn’t let us get away with stuff.  But he’s still good.

Is Mom going to be home in time for my birthday?

Yes, she’ll be home for your birthday.

Ok, I guess I can let her go take care of that dog.  Maybe she’ll earn tons of money and be able to buy me something really neat.  I think I want one of those carpeted climbing things so I can go real high and see for miles.

You don’t need one of those.  You already climb everything as it is.

Well, I can still dream.

We’ll have to call Mom while she’s at that other house.  I’m sure she’ll want to know what we’re doing.

We can remind her of my birthday, too.

You have such a one-track mind!

Our Famous Dog Cousin

Our dog cousin is becoming famous.

In case you forgot about Stella, here’s her picture from a couple of weeks ago.  She belongs to Mom’s niece so Mom explained that Stella is sort of her “Great Niece”.

Mom entered her in a contest sponsored by radio station LOVE 105.  It’s called Mutt Madness.

Are we entered in the contest too?

No.  Mom said we can’t be in the contest because we’re not dogs.

Well thank goodness for that!  I like being a kitty.

Anyway, Mom has all her friends and relatives voting for Stella and she found out this afternoon that Stella made it to round two.  She’s now one of 64 dogs hoping to make it to the next round.

Can I vote for her?

Sure, you just have to go to their web page on love105.fm and find Stella’s picture.  You can start voting again on Monday, March 12th and you can vote once a day on the same computer.

We’re going to have to take tuns voting then.  You vote Monday and I’ll vote Tuesday.

Mom said if there’s a contest for kitties then she will enter us.

Good….then all of Stella’s human and fur people friends can vote for us.

Isn’t voting a wonderful thing????

Go Stella!

Yellow Book of Kitty Food

Shakespeare, what are you doing?

I’m looking through this big yellow book.


I think you can find all sorts of human food places in here.

Let me see…….oh, that’s what Mom calls the “Yellow Pages”.  She says that’s the old way for looking up phone numbers and addresses.  She uses that if we’re on the computer so she can’t get on, or if the power goes out.

It’s kind of neat.  Look…here are some food places they call Italian.  What do you think that is?  Do you think the cook tails there?

No, I think that’s where Mom gets that big round thing she calls a pizza.  It always smells so good but it’s too hot for us to eat.

What’s Chinese?  Do you have to get down on your knees in there and do you have to be shy?

I think that’s what Mom had the other night.  It’s usually got rice and vegetables and stuff.  I know she and Uncle Bob like it.

Sounds boring to me.  What about French?  I know about French fries, French Poodles and French bread.  Please don’t tell me that restaurant is only for humans and French Poodles!

No, I know Mom has been to some French places and she talks about French onion soup so there must be other food and she’s never mentioned French Poodles being there.

I wonder if there’s a “Yellow Book” for kitty restaurants.

Probably not.

Let’s start one then!  First we better see if Mom left some food out for us.  The first entry in the “Yellow Book of Kitty Food” could be Mom’s kitchen!

Silly Humans

Well, I’m more convinced than ever that humans are silly.


Mom said it got up to 60 degrees today and she thought it was time for a party.

What would have happened if it got to 80 degrees?

I have no idea.  Maybe she would have arranged for a parade or something.

How come we didn’t get to go outside?

Mom didn’t get home until later and she said we couldn’t go out because it was muddy.

Humans!  Mom wants a party ‘cuz it’s warm and yet she won’t let us go outside.

There’s really something wrong with her thinking.

Hey……..I just thought of something. 

What now?

My birthday is only 16 days away now and if it gets to 60 degrees on my birthday then we’re going to have a REALLY big party!!!

We’ll see.