Ebony Goes Over the Rainbow Bridge 3/2/2012

Do humans feel sadness like kitties?

I think so.  We better tell the readers what happened so they know why we’re sad.

You do a better job of explaining things, so you go ahead.

Today we lost our “sister”.  Mom told me that Ebony was a Bass-Lab and she was about 16 years old so that’s really old for dogs.  She’s been sick for quite some time now and today she had more problems.

I noticed that she couldn’t walk.

Yes, Mom and Uncle Bob didn’t want her to suffer so Uncle Bob took her over to the Doctor’s house this afternoon.  He called Mom to let her know what was happening.

Is that why Mom has lots of water coming out of her eyes and nose.

Yes, she’s sad just like we are.  When I first came to live here, Ebony accepted me even though I was different from her.  Here’s a picture of us when I was little.

Wow…I don’t remember you ever being that little!  That’s a nice picture.  I’m glad Mom took it so we can remember Ebony.

I’m going to really miss Ebony ‘cuz we always took naps together.  She was too old to play with me, but we used to talk to each other.

We better go sit with Mom ‘cuz I think she needs some hugs and I know we need hugs!