Yellow Book of Kitty Food

Shakespeare, what are you doing?

I’m looking through this big yellow book.


I think you can find all sorts of human food places in here.

Let me see…….oh, that’s what Mom calls the “Yellow Pages”.  She says that’s the old way for looking up phone numbers and addresses.  She uses that if we’re on the computer so she can’t get on, or if the power goes out.

It’s kind of neat.  Look…here are some food places they call Italian.  What do you think that is?  Do you think the cook tails there?

No, I think that’s where Mom gets that big round thing she calls a pizza.  It always smells so good but it’s too hot for us to eat.

What’s Chinese?  Do you have to get down on your knees in there and do you have to be shy?

I think that’s what Mom had the other night.  It’s usually got rice and vegetables and stuff.  I know she and Uncle Bob like it.

Sounds boring to me.  What about French?  I know about French fries, French Poodles and French bread.  Please don’t tell me that restaurant is only for humans and French Poodles!

No, I know Mom has been to some French places and she talks about French onion soup so there must be other food and she’s never mentioned French Poodles being there.

I wonder if there’s a “Yellow Book” for kitty restaurants.

Probably not.

Let’s start one then!  First we better see if Mom left some food out for us.  The first entry in the “Yellow Book of Kitty Food” could be Mom’s kitchen!