We Hate Suitcases

Why does Mom have her suitcase out again?  That usually is a bad thing.

Didn’t you look at the calendar?

No, it’s too high on the wall.  What does it say?

It says she’s going to go take care of that dog again.

Why does she want to go spend time with a dog?

I have no idea.  It would be better if she just stayed here with us.  We need her ‘cuz she gives us food, treats, tummy rubs, brushings and lots of attention.

Who’s going to take care of us?  Will we still get fed?  Will we still get food?

Don’t worry, Uncle Bob will take care of us.  He’s good.  Not as good as Mom ‘cuz he doesn’t let us get away with stuff.  But he’s still good.

Is Mom going to be home in time for my birthday?

Yes, she’ll be home for your birthday.

Ok, I guess I can let her go take care of that dog.  Maybe she’ll earn tons of money and be able to buy me something really neat.  I think I want one of those carpeted climbing things so I can go real high and see for miles.

You don’t need one of those.  You already climb everything as it is.

Well, I can still dream.

We’ll have to call Mom while she’s at that other house.  I’m sure she’ll want to know what we’re doing.

We can remind her of my birthday, too.

You have such a one-track mind!