Loneliness Isn’t Fun….Even for Kitties

I miss Mom!  Isn’t she ever coming home?  Did she leave us forever??

Will you calm down?  You know that big piece of paper hanging on the wall that has pictures of kitties and big squares with numbers in them?

What does that have to do with Mom?

That thing is what humans call a calendar and they keep track of important things on it.

Like my birthday?

Hush!  Mom wrote on there when she’s going to be coming back.

How long do we have to wait?

Today is Friday and counting today it will be five days.  That’s one paw.

You mean she’ll be home in one paw’s worth of time?

You’ve got it.

I’m so happy!!!

I heard Uncle Bob saying she will be stopping by the house tomorrow to get some different clothes ‘cuz it’s so warm now.

Do you think we can convince her to let us go outside and play while she’s here?

I’m sure we can.

That dog she’s taking care of must be lots of work ‘cuz she hasn’t even called us or sent us an email.

I think she said that she doesn’t have a computer at that house.

Well, she has a phone!  She should call us.  I miss Mom!!!!

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