We’re Getting Excited Now!

Mom’s coming home tonight.  Mom’s coming home tonight!

My birthday’s only two days away.  My birthday’s only two days away!

Shakespeare, aren’t you excited that Mom’s coming home tonight?

Sure, it means that my birthday is even closer.

Is that all you think about?

Just because your birthday is by Christmas and there’s all sorts of parties, doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t expect big things on my birthday in the middle of nothing on the calendar.

But think about it.  Since my birthday is by Christmas and the humans are so busy thinking about Christmas,  they sometimes let my special day just slide by.  Right now while I’m still kind of young and very handsome, they make an effort to remember.  What happens when I get older and the humans get older and lose their memories?

I hadn’t thought about it that way.  But I still want everyone to get excited about my birthday.  It’s my very own day!

Don’t you think we should celebrate when Mom adopted us?  I think that’s a really important date to remember.

Right!  We each have two very special days to celebrate.

I still think you should get a little excited about Mom coming home tonight.

Will she give us treats when she gets here?

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