What’s Wrong with Being Two???

Mom says she’s living in a house of two-year-olds.

What does she mean?  You’re two and I’m two, but Mom’s way over two!

I know.  I’m beginning to think she’s jealous that we’re two and she’s not.

So why did she say that?

Well, she was picking up all the toys that you pulled out of our toy basket and I heard her muttering about having to clean up after two-year-olds.

Just because I pulled some toys out of there?  Didn’t she know that I was searching for just the right toy?

I guess she thought you were supposed to pick up your toys and put them back in the basket.

Well maybe I wanted to play with more toys and by taking them out of the basket it became easier to find the right toy.

Sure makes sense to me.  I think that’s being quite efficient and Mom should be proud of you for that.

I heard her say something about you one day.


She was saying that you shouldn’t put your toys in the bathtub.

Well, she taught me how to do that.  Isn’t it fun when we have our jingle bell balls rolling around in the tub?  It makes noise and they spin around in the tub really fast.

Yes, and we’re getting exercise so Mom should think that’s good.

It’s settled then.  We have to tell Mom that she’s lucky to be living with us two-year-olds ‘cuz we’re efficient and we get exercise.  She can learn from us!

Maybe we can start a class and invite other humans.

That sounds like fun.  We better contact our fur people friends and see if their humans need the class.

Can we have something to eat first?  Work always makes me hungry.

Purrs, meows, barks, chirps and human comments are greatly appreciated. We love hearing from our readers.

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