Should I Fly???

I’ve decided that I need to learn how to fly.

Why?  Do you want to become a bird and eat bird seed?

Shakespeare, do you ever think of anything besides food?

Nope.  Why do you want to fly?

Well, I was outside with Mom tonight and I was busy exploring the whole back yard. 

I tried to follow you part of the time but I like staying on the deck.

Not me.  I want to know what’s happening everywhere.  Maybe it’s because I’m older.

Not that much older!

Anyway, I was walking all over the yard and I noticed that I seemed to be getting a little taller.

What on earth are you talking about?

Well, I finally sat down and looked at the bottoms of my feet and they were covered with all these sticky gooey things.  I kept shaking my feet and they wouldn’t come off.  I’ve never seen anything that sticky before.  If I could fly then my feet wouldn’t pick up all those sticky things.  I wonder if Mom had all that sticky stuff on the bottoms of her shoes.  Maybe I need to wear shoes when I go outside.

I didn’t seem to have that much trouble.

You didn’t explore like I did.

Are you sorry you explored?

No way.  It may be uncomfortable to have all those sticky things on my feet but at least I got to see lots of my world and that’s always fun.

So what are you going to do with your feet now?

I’m going to look on the internet and see if I can find some shoes to wear outside.

Will those sticky things be around forever?

Mom says they’re just here during the spring so hopefully it will be better in the summer.

I think Mom would rather you get some shoes.


Obviously shoes would be lots cheaper than flying lessons!

I’m going to go find Mom and see if she can help me get some of these sticky things off.  She probably won’t let me get in her bed with sticky feet.

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