Trees in His Toes

Hey, all you readers out there.  I’m really getting concerned about Hemingway.

Shakespeare, are you messing with the computer again?

No.  I’m just looking for treats.  

Great, that fooled Hemingway so I can talk.  I think you might have heard that we’ve been going outside with Mom when she gets home from work.  She seems to be digging in dirt and stuff so it gives us time to explore.  Well, Hemingway picked up all these sticky things on his feet.  He and Mom worked at getting most of them off but every time he goes outside he picks up more.  Mom said those were seeds that trees drop.  I wasn’t sure what Mom meant so I decided to do a little research on the internet.  That’s a scary thing to do ‘cuz sometimes a fur person learns more than he wants to learn!

I found out that tree seeds are like little baby trees that grow when there’s dirt, water and sunshine.  Here’s the problem – Hemingway has those seeds on his feet.  What happens if he starts walking around in the dirt, then maybe steps in a puddle of water and then sits down and holds his feet up to the sunshine?  Will he start growing trees between his toes?  How will he walk?  Will I have to take care of him?  Can someone help me chop the trees down when they grow?  I’m so concerned.  Please let me know what I’m supposed to do.  I want to take care of my big brother and I don’t want Mom to worry about him.  I know I can count on the humans and fur people out there to advise me.

Now I think I really will go look for some treats.  Have a great day and don’t step on tree seeds.