We Saw Him…..We Saw Him!!!!

I always like to wake up really early and I try to get Mom up but she usually ends up pushing me out of her room and shutting the door.

I’m the good kitty.  I don’t usually wake up Mom before that thing on her dresser starts making all that obnoxious noise.

Hush.  I’m trying to explain to the humans and other fur people what happened to us this morning.

Mom finally got up and she came out and gave us some food and then she was busy doing something in her room.  When she came out again, she was surprised to find both of us staring out the window.   She came over to see what we were looking at and she started laughing.

She told us it was the Easter Bunny!  We didn’t realize that’s who it was ‘cuz he was gray and brown instead of white.  He was just sitting there staring at us.

But he didn’t have a basket of eggs with him.

We were wondering what he was doing out this early.  Did he forget to look at the calendar?

Is he going to bring us a basket of eggs?  I don’t want eggs.  I want treats.  Doesn’t the Easter Bunny bring baskets of treats to the fur people?

I don’t know if he does, but he should!  This morning was really fun for us ‘cuz not every fur person gets to see the Easter Bunny bright and early!!  I sure hope he remembers to come back on the right day.