What Happened?

I don’t think I like those weather humans on TV.


Well, we were having a perfectly wonderful spring with lots of sunshine and warm weather.  Then those weather humans started talking about rain and cold and even freezing!

Do you think they’re responsible for the changes?

They must be.  It was fine until they opened their mouths.  Maybe they shouldn’t say anything when they are on TV.

Better yet, maybe we should become weather furpeople.  Then we could talk about sunshine, warm temperatures and gentle rains only during the dark night hours.

Don’t forget to leave out that nasty wind.

That’s for sure.  Sometimes it’s hard to stay on the ground when the wind is blowing so hard.  Hey – I think I’ve discovered why you want to eat all the time.  You want to gain weight so you don’t fly away.

It works for you, doesn’t it?

Little brothers can be such pests!

At least it’s kind of nice out tonight.  I’m glad Mom let us go out and play for a little bit.

When she first got home she said we couldn’t go out because she had to leave but I guess she decided it was more important for us to get some fresh air first.

Moms sure are good things!

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