We love our naps.

Yes, we have several specific spots throughout the house that are favorite napping spots for each of us.

Maybe we fur people should let the humans know why we nap.

Why do we want to let out our secrets?

Well, I wanted to play today and Mom wanted to nap so I got a little upset.  I think it’s because she doesn’t understand the nap routine,  so I want to let her and the other humans know what’s going on in our kitty heads..

Ok.  You like to talk so go ahead.  I’ll go see if there’s any food.

We know Mom has to go to work during the week so we use those days for catching up on our sleep by taking naps.  By the time Friday night arrives we’re all “powered-up” and ready to go.  Just ask Mom!

She says we’re always “powered-up”…..especially lately.

Anyway, by the time the weekend arrives, we know Mom doesn’t have to go to work so she should be ready to play with us all day long and most of that time should be spent outside.  It’s only fair.  She gets to go outside every day of the week.  Sure, she says she’s going to work, but do we really know that’s what she’s doing?

Well, if she wasn’t going to work, then she wouldn’t be able to afford to buy us cat food and treats.

Good point.  Still, when the weekend comes, she’s away from work so she should want to play with us.  What did she do today?   SHE TOOK A NAP!!!  It’s our day to play and she took a nap!!!!

Well, she said we couldn’t go outside ‘cuz it was cold and rainy.

She could have played inside with us……but she took a nap!!!  Don’t humans know that naps are for week days?  Weekends are for playing with us fur people…..preferably outside.

I bet they know now!