The Mom Answers

To all of Hemingway and Shakespeare’s readers:

This is “The Mom” and I want to let you all know that Hemingway and Shakespeare got to play outside today even though the sun didn’t shine like it was supposed to. I still might take a nap, but the boys got to play so they’re happy.

By reading what they’ve been blogging about lately, you might get the idea they are neglected, underfed, bored and ignored.  Believe me, they are none of those things!  They are very typical two-year-old kitties who think the world was created for them.  Please don’t believe all their complaints.  They are both the lights of my life and anyone who is fortunate enough to have fur people in their lives, knows exactly what I mean.

Thanks to all the human and fur people readers who are following the antics of my boys.  It’s so wonderful to find other fur-people lovers all over the world.

4 thoughts on “The Mom Answers

  1. don’t you worry, i had a hard time believing your rascals. you know, this is the reason why i didn’t teach my three how to use the computer… people all over the world would think that they are being held prisoners or something! silly kitties, thinking the world revolves around them! (i just wrote that cause they were looking, the world actually does revolve around them… 😉 )

    1. Thanks for the nice comment. Even though the world actually does revolve around those fur people, I think it’s best not to let them know. I’m hoping my “boys” are either sleeping or eating when this gets posted!

  2. I, for one, like to read what Shakespeare and Hemingway are up to. I think it’s funny when they tell about what they’ve been doing and how much they love to play outdoors. My cat never gets to go outside unless he’s in his kennel riding in my wagon, which he loves.

    1. Thanks, Donna! The boys love to talk so I’m sure you’ll be reading about lots more adventures. Hemingway has his annual visit to the doctor man coming up so I know he’ll be talking about that! “The Mom”

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