I Can Run Fast!

Shakespeare, what are you doing?

I’m packing my toys.


I want to take them with me.


Mom says I should go to London and race in the Olympics.

Oh for pete’s sake!  Do you ever know when a human is kidding?

You mean she wasn’t serious?


Well, she told me I was super fast and I should enter the Olympics and win a prize.  By the way, what are the Olympics?

Those are games that humans compete in to win prizes.  They have some that are in the summer and they have some in the winter, but not every year.  This year they are in the summer and they are in London.

So they have races?


I could win!  I could win a prize!  I could win many prizes!!  Do they have treats as prizes?

I bet you could win.  All they have to do is put food at the finish line and you’ll be there before the other runners have even started.

Very funny…………but true!  I just have a couple more questions.


Could you help me open the drawer where Mom stores our treats so I can get some to pack with my toys?

You are so goofy.  What’s the other question?

Where’s London?  Remember, Mom only lets us go out in the back yard so I may have trouble finding London.

Happy Memorial Day

Boy are we ever tired!

We sure are.  Who would have thought that Mom having three days off would wear us out so much.

I think we mostly got tired just watching her work in the yard.

She did this but it’s out in the front yard and we can’t go out there.  We told Mom to take a picture so we could share with our friends.

I was busy surveying some of the stuff she did in the back yard.  I think I look so pretty among these plants!

I was kind of wondering who this other kitty is.  I think I’m much more handsome than he is.  He just sits there and doesn’t say anything.  I sure hope he doesn’t eat any of our treats!

I have my favorite corner in the yard and here I am “hiding” in it.  Of course Mom and Shakespeare both know I love this spot so they always know where to find me.  Maybe I should look for a new secret spot.

I was just taking a nap and suddenly this plant caught my attention.  I had to ask Mom if it smelled.  She told me it was a wild rose and I should be careful.  But she also said I might be smelling some of the orange and chocolate mint that’s planted nearby.

So that was our long weekend with Mom.  We got to spend lots and lots of time outside and we’re pretty tired now.  I told Mom we would get this blog done as quickly as we could, but I’m having a little trouble…………

Shhhhh……….don’t tell Hemingway but I found a quiet corner and I’m sound asleep.  However, I wanted to make sure that we said a special thanks to all the service men and women who have risked their lives for our freedom. 

Don’t forget the service dogs.

Right…….I wonder if there are any service kitties?  We shouldn’t forget them.

Thanks to all who have given us the right to be ourselves and live free….even if we can only be in the back yard.


I’m so sad.

Why?  Did Mom run out of food for us?

No.  She would never allow that to happen.  I’m sad because I don’t think we’re going to get to go outside today.

Probably not.  I’m thinking Mom will say it’s too wet for us to be out there.

Well, I don’t like getting my feet wet anyway.

Neither do I!

Why is it raining so much?

I wonder if all the humans have turned on those sprinkler things that make their flowers and vegetables wet so they’ll grow.

Maybe all the birds are sad and they all started crying at once and the tears are falling down from the trees.

Or maybe the trees are sweating ‘cuz summer’s coming.

Do you think maybe all the dogs are outside splashing in their wading pools, sending all this rain up into the air so it’s falling on us?

I sure hope the rain stops soon so we can go outside.  Mom told me that she gets an extra day off from work this weekend so she’ll be home for three whole days!  I know she’s going to want to be outside and that means we can be outside, too.

Oh, it’s going to be a fun weekend!  Go away rain!

Or at least just rain at night so the plants don’t get thirsty.  I don’t like being thirsty so I know the plants don’t like it either.

Yes, I guess the plants do need water but I don’t need water falling on me.  I just want to lick it up out of my bowl.

Since the flowers and trees and other plants grow when they get rain and sunshine, does that mean we’ll grow if we go out in the rain and then out in the sunshine?

Maybe that’s why Mom is making us stay inside.  We’re already big enough!


I’ve been trying to figure out something.

What now?  I suppose you’ve been trying to figure out how you can get the mailman to deliver opened bags of treats to you.

No, that’s not it at all…………but that’s a really good idea!  I’ll work on that next.

So what’s your problem?

What makes wind?


Well, it was super windy today and I don’t like wind.

I know what you mean.  I saw things flying by the window and I knew it would be hard to stay on all four feet if I went outside.

So, what makes wind.  Mom has that big box in the house and when she turns it on that makes wind.  She says she likes to use that when it’s hot.  Do humans put a whole bunch of those things outside and turn them on high so it’s windy?

I was thinking that maybe all the fur kitties and fur doggies go outside and start wagging their tales really really fast and that makes wind.  I know our big fluffy tails could make lots of wind.

Or, do the birds all get together and start flapping their wings fast to make wind?

Maybe all the leaves on the trees decide to start moving around at the same time and that makes wind.

I’ve read on the internet about Chicago being called the Windy City.  Do you think Chicago gets so much wind that they send it to other places?

Or maybe all the cars start driving around  so fast that wind happens.

Well, I guess this is another thing that humans are going to have to explain to us fur people.  Now, let’s see how we can get the mailman to deliver opened bags of treats for us.

We Were Bad

We scared Mom tonight.

Yes, we scared her really bad………..but it wasn’t totally our fault

Mom got home late so when she finally did arrive, we were so ready to go outside and play.  Remember how we missed out on playing this weekend?

She said it was fine for us to go out and play since it was such a beautiful night.  She said she was going to fix her supper.

When she mentioned food I almost stayed inside, but it was too tempting to go out in the fresh air.

It sure was nice to be out in the sunshine.

Before long Uncle Bob’s son, Thomas,  came over ‘cuz his car wasn’t working.

I think in human terms Thomas would be our cousin or something.

Whatever……….all I know is that Uncle Bob is good with cars so he was going to be busy.

Mom was inside fixing supper and doing something on the computer.  When her supper was ready, she came outside to check on us.

That’s when she got real scared.  She went and got one of our bags of treats and started shaking it.  Usually that makes us come running as fast as we can.

What she didn’t know was that we were too far away to hear it and we didn’t know how to get back.

Mom was almost in tears and we were so sorry we did that to her.

Uncle Bob came around the house and saw us both at the neighbor’s next door.  He started calling us but we were frightened.  Then Mom came and she had the bag of treats.  I walked over to Mom but I was so scared I hissed at her.  I don’t know why on earth I did that.  I’m going to have lots of apologizing to do.

I was even more afraid and I tried to run right through the fence.  I was so scared that I would never find the back yard again.  Mom was carrying you in through the gate and I came running around the corner and went straight into the house and found a quiet spot where I could hide.

We both felt so bad about scaring Mom but we thought that since the gate was open that meant we were supposed to explore.

I don’t think it was a good idea and I don’t think we should ever do it again.

Needless to say our time outside for tonight is over.  That’s ok ‘cuz it was pretty scary for us and we wanted to be with Mom where we’re safe.

Mom, about that bag of treats you had………………..

It’s Just Our Opinion………

I don’t like it when Mom sells garages!

Shakespeare, I’ve explained to you before.  Mom wasn’t selling garages, she was selling things at a garage sale.

I don’t care if she was selling things, garages, or even dogs.  I don’t like it!

Why are you so mad?

Did you notice how nice it was Saturday?  It was a gorgeous day and where were we?  WE WERE INSIDE!

Oh, that’s what’s bugging you.  Well, I didn’t like the fact that we had to stay inside but you know Mom doesn’t let us go outside if she isn’t home.

Well, she should only be gone during the week.  On weekends she’s supposed to stay here and let us play outside.

That’s a good point!

She can sell garages during the week.

Well, even though I don’t think she had a choice, I think I’m beginning to see your point.  We need to unite the rest of the fur people and tell the humans what we want.


Shakespeare, the humans aren’t going to understand you.  You have to tell them that they can’t be selling things at Garage Sales on the weekend.

Fine!  What Hemingway said!!

Human readers, it’s for your own good that you listen to the fur people.  We love your company and when you’re busy on weekends we don’t get to play and then we get cranky.

Trust us………you don’t want cranky fur people around.

Humans Just Confuse Me

Why is Mom getting another job?


I think she’s getting another job.  Have you been eating too much food and she can’t afford it with just one job?

What on earth are you talking about?

I heard Mom say that she’s selling garages this weekend.  I wonder if she’s selling the garage here and I wonder if Uncle Bob knows.

Shakespeare, you can twist things around so much.

Well, explain it to me then.

Mom said she’s putting stuff in a garage sale that a friend is having.

So her friend is selling garages?

Nobody is selling garages.  A garage sale is where humans put stuff for sale they no longer want or need.  They usually put low prices on things so they can get rid of stuff.  I think most of them sell things at garage sales so they will have room for more stuff.

Mom isn’t putting any of our toys in this garage sale thing, is she?

No.  She knows we still play with our toys.

Is that a sticker I see on your tail?

Oh no!!!  Get it off!  It must have attached itself to my tail when I was walking around on the bed where Mom has stuff spread out for pricing.

Maybe I should leave it on.  It says one dollar and I’m sure Mom could buy some treats for me with that dollar.

Shakespeare, be nice or I might put a fifty cent sticker on your tail.

Well, that sure isn’t nice.  I don’t want anything stuck on my tail so I’m sorry I said that.  Come over here and I’ll get that sticker off.

Thank you.

I wonder if I’ll ever really understand what humans are doing.

Probably not.  I don’t think they even understand!

Mothers Day

Since I’m the youngest I’m going to spend time at the computer first so I can get my special greetings sent to Mom.  I think it’s a great idea to celebrate mothers.  I don’t remember my real mother, but I am pretty sure  she didn’t look anything like the Mom who adopted me.  I know that my real mother had lots of fur like me and walked on all four feet and probably loved food as much as I do.  However, Mom chose me and adopted me and now she’s the only Mom I really know.  I may not always be good, but today I’ll try my best to behave.  I just want to say a big Thanks to all the Moms out there.  You are the greatest!

Mom, I know we had a rough day yesterday.  I still don’t know exactly what I did wrong.  This young bird just flew into my mouth and I brought him in the house to show you.  Shakespeare was running after me ‘cuz he wanted to see and I guess the two of us made too much noise.  Next thing I knew, you were trying to get me to open my mouth and then when I did Aunt Missy took the bird outside.  You kept telling me that I wasn’t supposed to do that but frankly, I don’t understand.  It just seemed so natural for me to chase something and catch it.  Mom was really glad that they got the bird away from me.  He did have an injury but he was still trying to fly and he was very active so they had hope for him.  Mom told me later that she went out to check the box where she had put him to protect him and he was gone.  I’m thinking he finally learned how to fly and got out of there ‘cuz Mom said there weren’t any feathers around.  I didn’t mean to hurt the bird.  I don’t know what came over me!  Am I supposed to be a hunter?  Is that what my real mother taught me?  I’m going to try real hard to listen to Mom and not do things like that again.  I will only chase laser lights from now on!  Thanks for trying to teach  me new things all the time, Mom.  I hope I can make you proud.

From the Mom:

I love you boys!  You are both so different and you provide endless entertainment and joy.  I know your real moms would be very proud of how you have turned out.  Thanks for coming into my life.

Personalities and Other Things

Why are all the humans and fur people so different from each other?

Well, Mom told us that God made each fur person and human to be special.  There’s only one Hemingway and only one Shakespeare.

But Mom told us we were named after famous human writers so that means there was another Hemingway and Shakespeare before.

Yes, but they weren’t exactly like us.  For one thing, they were humans.

What’s to stop humans from naming other fur people Hemingway and Shakespeare?

Nothing.  In fact, I am pretty sure there are some others out there but they aren’t exactly like us.  No other fur person has your exact coloring, your exact length of fur, your exact eye color and your exact quirks all rolled up in one.  You are unique and you are special.

So we’re all different?


That explains why you are so stubborn and I’m not.

What do you mean?

Well, Mom lets me sleep in her bedroom ‘cuz I stay on the bed and I don’t jump up on her desk.  You keep  jumping up on her desk and then she makes you get out and she shuts the door.

There’s just something about that desk that intrigues me.  I just have to explore it.  I don’t know why I can’t stay away from it.  Now and then I can be good and then I get to sleep in Mom’s room too.

If you weren’t so stubborn you could stay in there all the time.  After all, it is a very comfortable bed.

Hey…..you’re not perfect!  You practically send things flying if someone’s in the kitchen.  Mom says you appear from nowhere and you’re faster than a bullet.  You figure if someone is in the kitchen that means they are getting food for you and you love food.

See, that’s something I can’t help.  I try to stay out of the kitchen but it’s just too tempting.  So I guess the kitchen is my “desk”.

So now do you understand how we’re all different?

Yes, I want food and you want to explore.

Field Trip

Mom said we were going on a field trip tonight after work and I got really excited.  It promised to be even more exciting ‘cuz Shakespeare wasn’t included.  When it came time to get into the car, I must admit I got a little scared.  I kept talking and Mom kept petting me and telling me it was going to be fine.  She didn’t tell me where I was going but I sure found out!!!

Before long she pulled into a parking lot and turned the engine off.  Then she picked me up (not an easy task) and started to carry me into this building.  Wait a minute!!!!  I know that building!   That’s where the doctor man lives so this can’t be a good thing.  I tried to remain calm and hoped that if I shut my eyes nobody would see me.

This is my “I’m not happy” look.  Mom said she hasn’t seen this look before.  Well, she’s seen it now and she better pay attention!

I thought if I hid in the corner nobody would find me.

I got the scale figured out.  I discovered if I put one foot off the scale I wouldn’t weigh as much.  Stupid humans figured out what I was doing!

This is a picture of me and the doc.  He’s really a good guy in spite of the fact that he told me I had to start working out on a treadmill.  He did keep telling me that I was handsome and he thought I was really neat.  I guess I’ll have to listen to what he says and try to lose a little weight.  I’m just a little over 19 pounds but he says that is too much.  Mom said she would make me chase the laser light more often.

Here I am at the end of my visit.  I was wondering if those treats were for me but the people at the doctor’s office said those were treats for dogs.  Well, maybe they would let me bring some home for my friend Champ who lives next door.  He’s a dog.  They also said that I should be the clinic mascot  ‘cuz I was so calm.  I didn’t care if other fur people came in to see the docs.  I was all done and I knew I would be going home.  The only problem was that Mom and the other people were talking about me getting a job to pay for seeing the doctor man.  Well, if Mom didn’t take me to see him then she wouldn’t have to worry about paying him.  I guess it’s all her fault.

I’m going to take a nap now.  Maybe I should have Mom get the laser light out first so I can get some exercise.  No……I think I’ll take a nap first.