Silly Humans

There are so many silly things about humans that I don’t understand.

What brought that on now?

Well, last night Mom was looking for me and I wasn’t even hiding or anything.  She stood there calling my name and kept asking you where I was.  Finally I had to make a little meow sound and she looked down and there I was.  I had been lying by her feet the entire time but she kept looking off into space and didn’t even see me.

Hahahahaha….I thought it was kind of funny when she was doing that.  I don’t know why she didn’t just look down.  You were there the whole time and you didn’t move.  Mom gave us a good laugh.

At least she laughed at herself, too.

She told me about a funny thing that happened with her old cat Mischief.  We never got to meet him but he was with her for almost 19 years.  After he went over the Rainbow Bridge, she adopted us.

He must have been quite a kitty since she had to get two of us to make up for him.

I guess so.  Anyway, one time she was looking for him all over the house and couldn’t find him.  She was afraid he might have gotten outside and she went out and looked all over and called his name but she couldn’t find him.  Finally she got the flashlight and started looking under furniture in his favorite places.  She was on the floor looking under the couch and she felt something by her and quickly turned around.  There was Mischief looking under the couch with her.  He thought maybe she was looking for something special and he wanted to know what it was.  She had a really good laugh over that and was so relieved to know he was safe.

Oh, that story just makes me want to roll around the floor meowing.  It’s so funny.  Mom is obviously quite a character.  It’s great to have fun times like that.

We’ve got to figure out something special to pull on Mom so she’ll always have that memory about us.

Oh, I don’t think she’ll have any trouble remembering us!