Mothers Day

Since I’m the youngest I’m going to spend time at the computer first so I can get my special greetings sent to Mom.  I think it’s a great idea to celebrate mothers.  I don’t remember my real mother, but I am pretty sure  she didn’t look anything like the Mom who adopted me.  I know that my real mother had lots of fur like me and walked on all four feet and probably loved food as much as I do.  However, Mom chose me and adopted me and now she’s the only Mom I really know.  I may not always be good, but today I’ll try my best to behave.  I just want to say a big Thanks to all the Moms out there.  You are the greatest!

Mom, I know we had a rough day yesterday.  I still don’t know exactly what I did wrong.  This young bird just flew into my mouth and I brought him in the house to show you.  Shakespeare was running after me ‘cuz he wanted to see and I guess the two of us made too much noise.  Next thing I knew, you were trying to get me to open my mouth and then when I did Aunt Missy took the bird outside.  You kept telling me that I wasn’t supposed to do that but frankly, I don’t understand.  It just seemed so natural for me to chase something and catch it.  Mom was really glad that they got the bird away from me.  He did have an injury but he was still trying to fly and he was very active so they had hope for him.  Mom told me later that she went out to check the box where she had put him to protect him and he was gone.  I’m thinking he finally learned how to fly and got out of there ‘cuz Mom said there weren’t any feathers around.  I didn’t mean to hurt the bird.  I don’t know what came over me!  Am I supposed to be a hunter?  Is that what my real mother taught me?  I’m going to try real hard to listen to Mom and not do things like that again.  I will only chase laser lights from now on!  Thanks for trying to teach  me new things all the time, Mom.  I hope I can make you proud.

From the Mom:

I love you boys!  You are both so different and you provide endless entertainment and joy.  I know your real moms would be very proud of how you have turned out.  Thanks for coming into my life.