I Can Run Fast!

Shakespeare, what are you doing?

I’m packing my toys.


I want to take them with me.


Mom says I should go to London and race in the Olympics.

Oh for pete’s sake!  Do you ever know when a human is kidding?

You mean she wasn’t serious?


Well, she told me I was super fast and I should enter the Olympics and win a prize.  By the way, what are the Olympics?

Those are games that humans compete in to win prizes.  They have some that are in the summer and they have some in the winter, but not every year.  This year they are in the summer and they are in London.

So they have races?


I could win!  I could win a prize!  I could win many prizes!!  Do they have treats as prizes?

I bet you could win.  All they have to do is put food at the finish line and you’ll be there before the other runners have even started.

Very funny…………but true!  I just have a couple more questions.


Could you help me open the drawer where Mom stores our treats so I can get some to pack with my toys?

You are so goofy.  What’s the other question?

Where’s London?  Remember, Mom only lets us go out in the back yard so I may have trouble finding London.

5 thoughts on “I Can Run Fast!

  1. Pluma here, I can run fast too, maybe I could meet you there! I could bring treats to share.
    ‘Hey Mom, how far is London?’
    ‘It’s acrost the pond?’
    That might be further than I yam alowed to go.

    1. Shakespeare here…..wouldn’t it be fun to race together? I don’t think I can go to London ‘cuz I’m not supposed to go outside of my back yard.
      Hemingway here….you two will not be racing in the Olympics in London. It’s not for fur people.

      1. Plumathe working cat here,
        well, then we should start an olympics for fur people, and have it in someones back yard so we can go to it! Yeah, thats what we should do!

      2. That is a good idea!! I will ask my Dad if he will film me running, and maybe butterfly catching, (I almost got one this weekend, if I practice I could win that event.) you are a smart cat Hemingway.

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